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Mario Maker 2: How to Complete No Jumping Allowed Level

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Mario Maker 2: How to Complete No Jumping Allowed Level

Super Mario Maker 2 is filled with new little touches and features for players to use while constructing levels. Apart from new blocks and enemies, there are also unique rules you can apply to your levels, like no jumping allowed. There’s even a story mode level that uses this rule, so here’s how to complete no jumping allowed level in Mario Maker 2.

How to Complete No Jumping Allowed Level in Mario Maker 2

Anytime you play a no jumping allowed level in Super Mario Maker 2, that literally means your feet can’t leave the ground. Not only can you not jump, but you also can’t be in the air by dropping off of something. Level 15 in the game’s story mode is one such level, and it can be a bit tricky to piece your way through.

We’ll help give you a step-by-step walkthrough on what to do for Level 15 in Super Mario Maker 2. If you’d rather have a visual aid, we do have a helpful video guide you can look at down at the very bottom.

  • Wait for the saw right ahead of your starting point to move down, then run across when it’s below the ground.
  • The Boo will disappear when it moves to the right brown block, so run across as soon as it disappears into the ground.
  • Now be careful with the next saw, move up the platform when it’s on the right side, then when it moves to the left head down the platform.
  • Time your run across the fire wall. When the first one moves up past you, run across as the rest go and reveal the platform.
  • In the next room lure the Boos toward you by turning around and make them hit the wall. This will drop the line of cannons down for you to use as a platform.
  • Now get the Monty Mole to come over to you by standing at the edge of the platform, and when it does, move onto the cannon on its head. The mole will run to the edge and jump up to the next platform. Just make sure you move onto the platform and don’t get in the air.
  • Run up the slop and onto the orange springs. The Black plant will lift them up, but make sure not to run off of them, as you’ll be in the air. Just wait until the plant falls back down and you’ll automatically drop onto the above platform.
  • In the next room, stand at the very edge of the slope and turn around to lure the Big Boo over. Then when he’s in the middle of the gap, run down the slop and then up again past him.
  • Wait for the gap in the circle of Boos and use it to run through the next slope.
  • At the top of the next slop time moving past the fire jets, when the right one fires move onto the left, as soon as that’s done move onto the right and forward. Don’t even worry about trying to get the giant 30 coin past that, and just go through the door.
  • Grab the Pow block in the next room and throw it below the Thwomp to make him hit it. This will make a line of blocks appear in the gap in front of you, but you need to time running across so as not to get hit by the giant green donut-like enemies. Go down the green pipe to the final area.
  • Now stand at the edge of the platform in this final room and turn left so the Big Boo comes over to you. He’ll come up right below you and raise you up with the cannon on his head. At this point, you’ll need to turn right so the Boo starts moving right and up to the final pole. You’ll need to alternate turning right and left to make the Boo go up to the top.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete no jumping allowed level in Mario Maker 2. For even more tips and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can check out a few more right below.

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