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Madden 20: How to Relocate Your Team in Franchise Mode

how to relocate your team, madden 20

Madden 20: How to Relocate Your Team in Franchise Mode

Madden 20 is here and whether you’re a fan of Franchise or the online shenanigans that go down in Madden Ultimate Team, there’s a little something for everyone in this year’s edition. If you’re here, you’re probably digging around in Franchise mode and are trying to figure out how to move your team somewhere else. Here’s how to relocate your team in Madden 20.

How to Relocate Your Team in Madden 20

As you might have sussed out from the above, team relocation is only applicable in Franchise mode, specifically if you’re playing as an Owner. Owners have additional responsibilities that mostly include financial choices and stadium management.

If you’re a team with a poor stadium rating might have the ability to relocate your team to another city and potentially pick a new nickname as well. It’s the closest thing to a create a team you’re going to get in Madden 20, so if you want the thrill of having an expansion team (sort of), this is as good as it’s going to get.

Allow us to break down step by step what you need to do to relocate your team as quickly as possible if that’s your aim.

Pick a Team With a Bad Stadium Situation

Madden 20 doesn’t let you relocate with just any time right off of the bat. You need to have a poor stadium rating in order to be eligible to move your team. While you can wait for your team’s stadium situation to deteriorate (which is fine if you want to just play your Franchise more naturally and realistically) if your aim is to relocate ASAP, pick the Oakland Raiders.

If you’re a big American football fan, you likely already know that the Oakland Raiders are bound for Las Vegas next season and this is their last season in the Oakland Coliseum.

Because of this, their stadium situation is as bad as it gets (which is why they decided to move to begin with) and you’ll easily be allowed to relocate in Madden 20.

Starting the Relocation Process in Madden 20

Go to My Owner from the Team section in the Franchise main menu. From there, you’ll see an option to begin the relocation process, click that. Now you’ll need to wait a bit.

If you’re starting from the pre-season you can safely go ahead and fast forward to the regular season. Once you’re at the regular season though, you should simulate one week at a time until you get the notification in your Things to Do section of the main menu asking you to select a city. If you get this notification, you’ll know that your relocation request has been approved.

If you were rejected it’s likely because you either forgot to check the notification and it’s now too late in the season, or that you picked a team with too good of a stadium situation. Once again, we recommend going with the Oakland Raiders in Madden 20 to pretty much guarantee that you’ll be allowed to go ahead.

Selecting a City

You’ll have a number of cities to pick from to relocate to from Brooklyn, NY to Orlando, FL and even Dublin, Mexico, and London if you want to go international. Each city has its own perks such as fan loyalty and market size that you can weigh into your choice, or just pick whatever sounds coolest to you. At the end of the day it’s a football game, not a Tycoon game.

Most teams have three nicknames to choose from and then you can go ahead and start picking your colors and stadium. However, if a city does not offer a nickname that means you’ll keep your original team’s colors and nickname.

So for example, Las Vegas does not have a nickname offer. So if you want to just be the Las Vegas Raiders (or whoever you picked) like what will happen in real life next season you can go ahead and pick Vegas.

The relocation process may be broken up across several weeks in-game. You may have to wait after your city selection before picking a stadium. If that’s the case, once again just sim or play your current week and check back in your notifications to start the next step.

That’s all you need to know for how to relocate your team in Madden 20. Best of luck getting the job done in your new city.

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