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Fortnite Season 9 Week 10 Challenges: Cheat Sheet, Locations, Fortbyte 33


Fortnite Season 9 Week 10 Challenges: Cheat Sheet, Locations, Fortbyte 33

The final week of Fortnite Season 9 has commenced with the arrival of the week 10 challenges. By now, players are able to unlock the Singularity skin, and have possibly even made it to Tier 100 on the Battle Pass. Here’s everything you need to know in order to complete the Fortnite Season 9 week 10 challenges, including locations, and a quick look at the loading screen and Fortbyte hint.

Week 10 Challenge List – Fortnite Season 9

Use an Air Strike in Different Matches (3)

This challenge requires you to use the newly-released Air Strike item in three different matches. The Air Strike item has a fairly high drop rate with it being its first week, and can be found from floor loot, chests, supply drops, vending machines, and llamas.

It calls in a missile strike in a set radius from the projectile’s final landing spot.

For this one, simply grind out matches and keep an eye out for these spawning around, as soon as you get one, just call it in if you don’t want to risk being killed before using it.

Damage Opponents with Shotguns (500)

Shotguns are one of the most common weapon drops in Fortnite, so you’re not going to have any problems finding one in the opening stages of a match.

However, head into a Team Rumble game and you’ll easily be able to get the full 500 damage in one game, thanks to respawns and the tight confines of the final moments of a match.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a Single Match (7)

Ammo boxes spawn pretty much everywhere in Fortnite, but have a high concentration in named locations.

However, heading to Junk Junction, south into Haunted Hills, and then down into Snobby Shores at the start of a match should offer up plenty of ammo boxes with little competition from other players. Again, Team Rumble’s respawns make this easier to complete.

Visit Different Public Service Announcement Signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, or Mega Mall (5)

PSA signs have appeared around these three named locations and are large electronic boards displaying a warning sign followed by some sort of informative safety message. We’ve included a gallery just below showing the Public Service Announcement Signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall.

Simply walk on over to these signs and it’ll be ticked off. All of these named locations have enough signs for you to get from just one of them, but Pressure Plant’s high concentration of them in its southern region make it easily our top pick.

Stage 1: Collect Wood from a Pirate Ship or Viking Ship (100), Stage 2: Collect Stone from a Fork Knife or Umbrella (100), Stage 3: Collect Metal from a Robot Factory (100)

The staged challenge for the Fortnite week 10 challenges tasks players with collecting the three different materials from different landmarks on the map. For wood, you’ll have to harvest 100 from a pirate ship or viking ship, marked 1 and 2 on our map below, respectively. Collecting the 100 stone from a Fork Knife (4) or Umbrella (3) can easily be done by smashing the rocks here.

Finally, the robot factory (5) is literally overflowing with metal, so it shouldn’t be too hard to rack up the 100 needed to complete the final stage of this challenge.

fortnite viking ship, pirate ship, umbrella, fork knife, robot factory, week 10 challenges

Eliminate Opponents in Pleasant Park or Paradise Palms (3)

Both Pleasant Park and Paradise Palms are fairly popular landing spots, so heading to one of these at the beginning of a game will make this easy to rack up over a few games, particularly with so many other players landing here to also complete this challenge. Team Rumble is once again particularly handy here, especially if the circle focuses on one of them.

Damage Opponents with a Pickaxe (200)

By swiping at opponents with your harvester, you can deal 20 damage to an opponent. This is easiest done at Fortbyte locations, because there are often so many players landing at them, or in any game mode other than solo that sees players getting downed. Once an opponent is downed, hack away at them with your pickaxe for an easy 100 or so damage.

Week 10 Loading Screen & Fortbyte 33 Location Hint

Fortnite Season 9 Week 10 Loading Screen

In Season 9, the even-week loading screens (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) offer up a hint to one of the hidden Fortbytes on Fortnite’s map. The week 10 loading screen hints at the location of Fortbyte 33 with its description, which reads: “You’re a long way from Lonely Lodge…” It’s actually not that far from Lonely Lodge, just at one of the lodges to the west.

fortbyte 33 location

Specifically, it’s this one on the map above. Head here and inside you’ll find Fortbyte 33 between a bed and a clothes chest. Interact with it to add it to your collection.

fortbyte 33

That’s everything you need to know on how to complete Fortnite’s week 10 challenges. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 9 guide wiki.

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