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Fortnite: Pirate Ship, Viking Ship, Fork Knife, Umbrella & Robot Factory Locations (Week 10 Challenge)

fortnite week 10 challenge viking ship

Fortnite: Pirate Ship, Viking Ship, Fork Knife, Umbrella & Robot Factory Locations (Week 10 Challenge)

One of the week 10 challenges in Fortnite Season 9 tasks players with collecting wood from a pirate ship or Viking ship, stone from a fork knife or umbrella, and metal from a robot factory. If you’re struggling to figure out where these locations are, we’ve got everything you need to know to complete the challenge right here.

Pirate Ship, Viking Ship, Umbrella, Fork Knife & Robot Factory Locations in Fortnite

fortnite viking ship, pirate ship, umbrella, fork knife, robot factory

On the map above, you’ll find the locations of all the various different places you need to visit and collect materials from marked on the map. The numbers refer to our key below, so you know which landmark you’re heading to.

  1. Pirate Ship
  2. Viking Ship
  3. Umbrella
  4. Fork Knife
  5. Robot Factory

How to Collect Wood, Stone & Metal at These Locations

You only need 100 of each material for each stage of the challenge, with the first two stages allowing you to gather wood from either one of the ships, and stone from either of the shaped trenches on the map.

Once you’ve landed there, it’s simply a case of hacking away with your harvester. For stage one, collecting wood from either of the ships is as easy as harvesting the ship itself and any of the benches or barrels on the deck.

For stage two, you’ll find a number of rocks at both of the trenches that you can harvest for stone, while the robot factory is literally teeming with metal structures that you can harvest for the 100 metal.

It’s a pretty simple challenge as long as you know where you need to go, which you now should, so get harvesting!

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 9 guide wiki. We’ve also got a guide breaking down the public service announcement signs locations for the other week 10 challenge, too.

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