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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Best Classes for Every Character

fire emblem three houses, best classes

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Best Classes for Every Character

Fire Emblem Three Houses features a rather large roster of characters. If you’re having trouble deciding on the best classes for each character in the game, we’re here to help you out.

Best Classes for Every Character in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Black Eagles

  • Edelgard: Fortress Knight

The thing about Edelgard is that she gets access to the unique Emperor class later on in the game, which far surpasses any Advanced or Master Classes you could give her. She excels with axes, though you can give her a bit more flexibility by leveling her sword skill as well.

  • Linhardt: Bishop, Holy Knight

Linhardt is the natural white mage of the Black Eagles, and has a higher affinity with the Faith skill over Reason. He’ll serve you just fine as a Bishop, but if you really want to give him a Master Class, focus on his riding skill early on to turn him into a Holy Knight.

  • Dorothea: Warlock, Mortal Savant

Dorothea is kind of like the “middle ground” magic user of the Black Eagles, excelling at both Reason and swords, and a Hidden Talent in Faith. Leveling up Faith will make her a great off-healer, but we recommend focusing on all three main skills to class her as a Mortal Savant.

  • Ferdinand: Paladin, Great Knight

Ferdinand performs best as a mounted/cavalry unit. He excels with lances, which makes him a natural fit for the Paladin class.

  • Hubert: Dark Bishop, Dark Knight

The complete opposite of Linhardt, Hubert does best with dark magic due to his affinity for the Reason skill. Just like Linhardt, we recommend leveling his riding skill early to class him as a Dark Knight later on.

  • Petra: Assassin, Falcon Knight

Petra starts off just using swords, which might make you think that she’d be a good fit as a Swordmaster. However, she also starts with a very high speed stat, which makes her a great Assassin. If you really want another mounted unit in your party, develop her flying skills to class her as a Falcon Knight.

  • Bernadetta: Sniper, Bow Knight

Bernadetta’s probably the most straightforward character in Black Eagles. She naturally gravitates towards bows, making her the resident archer in the group. Develop her riding skills early to class her as a Bow Knight in the end game stages.

  • Caspar: Warrior, War Master

Caspar is basically what Edelgard would be if she didn’t already have her unique Emperor class. He does damage with fists and axes, so turning him into a War Master is a no-brainer.

Blue Lions

  • Dimitri: Lord, Paladin, Holy Knight

The Blue Lions are focused on melee abilities, so it should come as no surprise that Dimitri would make a good Paladin. The stat differences between Paladin and Holy Knight aren’t that great, but the latter choice is nice to have if you’re looking to round out your party with another magic user.

  • Annette: Wyvern Rider, Warlock, Wyvern Lord

Annette works really well with axes, and she makes a decent Wyvern Lord. However, we’d strongly recommend classing her as a Warlock especially if you’re playing the Blue Lions route, due to her high magic stat and the lack of magic users in that House.

  • Ashe: Assassin, Bow Knight

Not much really needs to be said about Ashe. He’s the resident archer guy of the Blue Lions, so he’ll naturally make a great Bow Knight. If you’re recruiting him, though, he also works well as an Assassin or even a Fortress Knight.

  • Dedue: Fortress Knight, Warrior, War Master

Dedue is the tankiest character in the Blue Lions, and his proficiency with axes means he’ll be a great Warrior. If you really need a tank, you can class him as a Fortress Knight for the extra defense, but we still recommend working him towards becoming a War Master.

  • Felix: Swordmaster, Assassin, Mortal Savant

Felix is one of the best sword users in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and he’ll make a great Swordmaster or Assassin. Most importantly, however, make sure to level his Reason skill early so he can become a Mortal Savant later on for the magic flexibility.

  • Ingrid: Pegasus Knight, Paladin, Falcon Knight

Ingrid is the main mounted unit of the Blue Lions, and gets a good early start as a Pegasus Knight. Keep working on her flying and sword skills to let her become a Falcon Knight in the later stages.

  • Mercedes: Bishop, Gremory

There’s no question about it. Mercedes is the primary healer and magic user of the Blue Lions, and her stats support that completely. Focus on leveling her Faith skill, along with Reason at the side. She doesn’t do well as a melee unit, so the Gremory is the best class for her.

  • Sylvain: Fortress Knight, Great Knight, Dark Knight

Another mounted unit for the Blue Lions, Sylvain ends up becoming a pretty nice Great Knight in the end game stages. He’s flexible in that he has the stats to be a tanky Fortress Knight, or a powerful Dark Knight. It all depends on what your party needs.

Golden Deer

  • Claude: Assassin

If the bow wasn’t enough of a giveaway, Claude is an archer through and through. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any flexibility though, as his high speed makes him a great Assassin later on.

  • Hilda: Fortress Knight, Wyvern Lord, Great Knight

Hilda is probably the most flexible character in the Golden Deer. She works well with axes, which makes her an excellent tank character who can be a Fortress Knight or Great Knight. However, she also has an affinity for the flying skill, which lends itself well to becoming a great Wyvern Lord. Again, it all comes down to what your party needs.

  • Ignatz: Assassin, Bow Knight

Ignatz is the other main archer of the Golden Deer, and like most other archers in Fire Emblem Three Houses, his end game goal should be the Bow Knight.

  • Leonie: Paladin, Bow Knight, Falcon Knight

Leonie is a cavalry/mounted unit who masters lances and riding, but can also be developed for flying if needed. We found the most success with her as a Falcon Knight, as it allows her to become an incredibly powerful melee user with good range.

  • Lorenz: Paladin, Dark Knight

Lorenz seems really similar to Leonie at first, except he also has an affinity for Reason. He’ll do well as a Paladin, but you’ll have more success with him as a devastating Dark Knight.

  • Lysithea: Gremory

This shouldn’t even be a question. She’s the most powerful female magic user in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and is completely useless when it comes to melee skills. Which means she should be a Gremory.

  • Marianne: Bishop, Falcon Knight, Holy Knight

While Marianne might just seem like your default healer character at first glance, she actually has quite a fair bit of flexibility for development as well. Improving her flying skills will turn her into quite the formidable Falcon Knight. But if you want to keep her with her magic roots, develop her riding skill instead for her to become a Holy Knight.

  • Raphael: Fortress Knight, War Master

Probably the least flexible character in the Golden Deer, Raphael prioritizes strength and heavy armor above all else. This makes him a natural fit for the Fortress Knight class, which would free up Hilda to become a Wyvern Lord. If you need more brute strength, he works well as a War Master as well.

And those are our picks for the best classes for every character in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check our Fire Emblem Three Houses guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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