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Apex Legends: All Wattson Legendary Skins


Apex Legends: All Wattson Legendary Skins

Apex Legends has received a new character in the form of Wattson, and if you’re like a lot of players, you’re probably wondering what all of Wattson’s legendary skins look like and how to get your hands on them. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

All Wattson Legendary Skins in Apex Legends

Like the game’s other legends, Wattson has a total of four skins to unlock. These skins are: The Ace of Sparks, Fly-by-Wire, Cyber Security and Strange Attractor.

All of these skins are readily viewable from the Legends tab and can be purchased just as easily with the game’s currency, earned either with real-world micro-transactions or by playing through the game and participating in matches and challenges.

A screenshot of each skin can be viewed in order down below. Credit for all images goes to Reddit user The-SadShaman.

Watson Legendary Skin One: Ace of Sparks

Apex Legends, Wattson Legendary Skins

Wattson Legendary Skin Two: Fly-by-Wire

Apex Legends, Wattson Legendary Skins

Wattson Legendary Skin Three: Cyber Security

Wattson Legendary Skin Four: Strange Attractor

Which Skin to Buy First in Apex Legends

As for which one you should buy first, it really comes down to preference.

Being cosmetic items, the skins won’t impact your abilities or skills in any way. They’re there entirely to make the character look different and lend some variety to the usual death match proceedings.

As such, you should buy whichever one you like most, taking or leaving the rest as you or your financial situation see fit.

That’s about all there is to all of Wattson’s legendary skins. For more on the new character, check out our guide on how to play her like a pro.

Likewise, check out our Apex Legends season two guide wiki for all of the tips, tricks, and info you could hope to have going into the latest phase of the game. You can also read about everything new that’s coming this season.

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