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6 Great Games With Terrible Save & Checkpoint Systems


6 Great Games With Terrible Save & Checkpoint Systems

Halo 3

6 Video Games With the Worst Checkpoint and Save Systems

This fan favorite game is full of great action, amazing characters, beautiful locations, and some incredibly frustrating checkpoints.

Halo 3’s checkpoint system appears on the screen every time it saves your progress, showing us a “Checkpoint…Done” each point it saved.

However, Halo 3 had a tendency to “Checkpoint…Done” at the worst possible times.

Sometimes you’d go ages without a save, trudging through the entirety of Cortana or The Ark with nary a checkpoint. Other times the game would save practically every second, making sure your progress is saved after every three steps you take.

Since the checkpoints were sporadic, sometimes you’d even find yourself reloading a save in the middle of intense combat.

It’s hard to finish the fight when you have to dodge a Wraith shot seconds after you spawn in.

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