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Slime Rancher: How to Start Viktor’s Experimental Update

Slime Rancher, How to Start Viktor's Experimental Update

Slime Rancher: How to Start Viktor’s Experimental Update

Slime Rancher is host to a wide array of content and gameplay thanks to its many updates over the years, but not all of it is as easy to access as you’d expect. That’s why we’re here with a guide on how to start Viktor’s Experimental Update.

Starting Viktor’s Experimental Update in Slime Rancher

A small side activity that sees players gather slimes in cyber space, Viktor’s Experimental Update places some interesting additions and restrictions on the gameplay presented by the base game.

After diving into a simulated version of the Far, Far Plane, you’re tasked with sucking up glitch slimes that can be used to research new gadgets, craft new structures and much more.

To access any of this content though, you’ll have to meet a few requirements and complete a few quests.

How to Find the Ancient Ruins

For starters, you’ll need to have discovered the Ancient Ruins. This area can be found after you’ve reached the Indigo Quarry, though you’ll need to have access to a Jetpack with at least a Power Core Mk III and a Slime Key.

The Jet Pack and Power Core can be purchased from a Vacupack Upgrades station for a small fee, while a Slime Key can be obtained by feeding any given slime a certain amount of food.

Once you have the required items, head to the Indigo Quarry and progress into the first portion of the area. When the path forks, head to the left until you reach a cliff. Look to the right and you’ll see a ledge you can reach using your jet pack.

Fly over to the ledge and then wait for your jet pack to recharge. Once it does, look ahead to your left for another ledge jutting out from a blue crystal wall.

Fly over to the ledge, then continue down a path to your left once you land. From there, continue on until you reach a group of slimes in front of a passageway to your right. Juke the slimes and head through the passage.

This will bring you to a door that you’ll need to unlock with your Slime Key. Unlock it, then progress through the doorway to discover the Ancient Ruins.

How to Unlock the Lab Ranch Expansion

With this area unlocked, you’ll gain access to new facilities and equipment you can build. This includes the Lab Ranch Expansion, which is the next requirement needed to access Viktor’s Experimental Update.

To unlock it, simply play the game until you have 10,000 currency. Though this is a lot of money, it should be easy to accrue as long as you utilize all of the areas at your disposal.

Once you have the necessary amount, follow the stoner path near your house into a canyon near the ranch. You’ll come to a computer terminal that controls the force field blocking off the lab.

Use the 10,000 currency to unlock the forcefield. This will open up access to the Lab, and allow you to craft better gadgets and equipment to boot.

How to Get the Treasure Cracker MK II

Next up, you’ll need to get a Treasure Cracker MK II. This gadget upgrade is only available after you’ve crafted 35 gadgets total, and can’t be obtained any other way.

To that end, play through the game and craft gadgets until you’ve created the requisite amount. Once you have, the upgrade should become available automatically.

How to Complete a Range Exchange Request With Viktor

Finally, you’ll need to have completed a Range Exchange request with Viktor before you can trigger Viktor’s Experimental Update.

This optional side activity triggers each day and requires you to send a certain number of Slimes to Viktor before noon the next day.

To complete it, simply see what Viktor is requesting via the facility located near the entrance to the Ranch, gather the necessary items and send them over to him.

Once you’ve done all of this, Viktor should send you a request to come and meet him at his workshop, activating the update.

Hopefully this cleared up how to start Viktor’s Experimental Update in Slime Rancher. For more on the game, check out our guide on who Casey is and how they’re relevant to the story.

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