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Layers of Fear 2: Story & Endings Explained (Spoilers)


Layers of Fear 2: Story & Endings Explained (Spoilers)

Layers of Fear 2 might have a marvelous story, but it is disjointed. You will find bits and bobs that flesh out the narrative scattered throughout the game, but you can miss them if you’re not careful. Plus, the game is all about insanity, so it falls prey to the unreliable narrator trope, and parts of the narrative are told through symbolism that isn’t easily summarized.

Certain parts of Layers of Fear 2’s story are up to interpretation, but the game as a whole deserves to be experienced, especially since its three endings change the context and meaning behind in-game events. But, if you feel lost or just want to read a story summary, this article should help. But beware: this summation contains a lot of spoilers.

Layers of Fear 2 Story Summary

Chapter 0: Prologue

layers of fear 2

Technically, Layers of Fear 2 doesn’t feature a Chapter 0: Prologue; I’m just calling the opening minutes of the game the Prologue for simplicity’s sake.

The game begins, confusingly enough, at the end. The protagonist, a Hollywood actor who boarded an ocean liner at the behest of an enigmatic director, starts the game wandering through the boat’s hallways, completely disoriented. The place is falling apart as water pours from the ceiling and lights don’t work properly.

Eventually, the protagonist comes across a woman who pulls off the head of a boy as rats chitter in the distance (much like the original game, rats are a recurring theme in Layers of Fear 2). Light emanates from where his neck should be, and the woman chuckles, “You almost had it.” End scene.

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