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Judgment: Where to Find the Bombs (Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber)

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Judgment: Where to Find the Bombs (Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber)

Judgment has a number of Side Cases for Yagami to tackle, many of which require you to solve tricky situations or hunt something down. In particular, the Mad Bomber series of Side Cases tasks you with finding hidden bombs in Kamurocho, giving you a vague hint about each one’s location. Here’s where to find the bombs (Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber) in Judgment.

Where to Find the Bombs (Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber) in Judgment

Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber is a Side Case in Judgment that you’ll have pop up as you’re wandering around Kamurocho in Chapter 3 onward. There’ll be two more times you encounter the bomber in later chapters.

Each Side Case will give you time limit and force you to find a hidden bomb, giving you a cryptic hint to go off of. They can be a bit tough to solve, so below you’ll find exactly where to go for each one.

  • Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber – Hint is “An angel in the warrior’s maze” – For the first one, simply head to the Champion District and to the front of the Earth Angel bar. Yagami will automatically spot the bomb and disarm it.
  • The Mad Bomber Strikes Again – Hint is “An ox in an inn” – For this one, you need to head to Akashimaru in the Hotel District, which will be at the very northern end of the map.
  • Return of the Mad Bomber – For the final bomb you’ll need to head to the Poppo store on Pink Street, which is at the Southern end of your map. Make sure to actually go in the Poppo. Once there you’ll have a quick, and easy, fight with the bomber himself.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find the bombs (Kamurocho’s Mad Bomber) in Judgment. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite or check out our Judgment guide wiki.

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