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Fallout 76 Mega Sloth Locations: Where to Find Mega Sloths

Fallout 76, Mega Sloth

Fallout 76 Mega Sloth Locations: Where to Find Mega Sloths

You’ll be battling all manner of irradiated beasts as you roam the wastelands of Fallout 76, but sometimes a daily challenge or questline will task you with finding a specific one. If you’re after information on where to find Mega Sloths in Fallout 76, here’s your answer.

Where to Find Mega Sloths in Fallout 76

Mega Sloths are slow-moving beasts that look intimidating but aren’t actually all that aggressive. They do, however, have a fair bit of HP and can cause massive damage if you’re foolish enough to piss one off without packing the appropriate amount of firepower. They also reward you with a hefty amount of XP for each kill, which is always nice.

But usually, the challenge in taking out a Mega Sloth isn’t so much in the fight itself but the task of actually finding one. They’re a pretty rare spawn, and they only appear in a small number of set locations. We’ve listed these below:

  • Tanagra Town – Just north of the river and south-east of the Southern Belle Hotel. There is 50% chance a Death Claw spawns instead.
  • Treetops – South of Tanagra Town and North of Camp Venture, the camp will sometimes be guarded by a Mega Sloth.
  • Watoga Shopping Plaza – Head east and across a small river
  • Creekside sundew grove – A scorched type of Mega Sloth can usually fighting Super Mutants.
  • Fasnacht Day – During this event, a legendary Mega Sloth will appear.
  • Cranberry bog – Head towards an area called Sunset Farm. Do not fast travel directly there. Instead, fast travel to a nearby spot and walk to maximize the chances of a random spawn event.

That’s all the information we have for where to find Mega Sloths in Fallout 76, but if you find any more then please do sound off in the comment section and we’ll get those added. For more useful guides on the game, be sure to check out our detailed wiki page.

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