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10 Best Minecraft Mods of May 2019


10 Best Minecraft Mods of May 2019

Best Minecraft Mods of May 2019

Even More TNT

Minecraft mods

Chiefly, Minecraft is about two things: building things and messing things up.

There is no shortage of mods that promote the former, but sometimes you need an add-on that focuses on nothing except complete annihilation of the world around you. No fuss, no arguments, just a big bang and a high mortality rate.

Even More TNT gives you exactly what it says on the box, to the tune of 1,000 times as much trinitrotoluene to play around with.

It even adds various novelty explosives like gravitational TNT, airstrike TNT and teleporting TNT to help increase your chances of inadvertently obliterating yourself in the process.

At least you went out with a bang.

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