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Plague Tale Innocence: Where to Find Every Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium

A Plague Tale: Innocence, Where to Find Every Herb for Hugo's Herbarium

Plague Tale Innocence: Where to Find Every Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium

Of the many collectibles you can find in A Plague Tale: Innocence, few are as worth finding as the herbs Hugo can teach you about. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on where to find every herb in Hugo’s Herbarium.

Scattered throughout each chapter of the game from Chapter Three onward, herbs are one of three different collectibles you can track down during your time with the game.

Doing so unlocks special dialogue between Amicia and her younger brother Hugo as well as a few other key side characters, making them a must-have for anyone who wants to see the full extent of the characters’ relationships play out.

This is easier said than done though, as some of these fauna are fiendishly hidden in hard to reach portions of their respective levels. Fortunately, we’ve tracked them all down and have instructions on how to reach them listed below.

Where to Find Every Herb in A Plague Tale Innocence

Carnations (Chapter 3 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

These flowers are given to the player automatically to show them what to look for in future levels. Hugo will run right to them after you reach a certain point in the chapter.

Aquilegia (Chapter 4 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

After escaping the rats and reaching the main portion of Laurentius’ farm, head around to the back of the house on the far end of the property. There you’ll find a tree with flowers at its base, and Hugo will run to the flowers just in case you miss them.

Gladiolus (Chapter 5 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

Proceed through the level until you encounter Hugo playing with a dead soldier’s shield. After convincing him to drop it, look for a slope to your left leading to a path that circles back to an outcropping that overlooks the path from the start of the chapter.

At the edge of the outcropping will be the herb, which Hugo will run to once you get close enough to it.

Hawthorn (Chapter 7 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

After reaching the abandoned village, look for the grouping of abandoned houses to the right of the main path.

Inside one which has deteriorated down to the walls will be a Hawthorn flower, which Hugo will run to shortly after you turn the corner to enter its remains.

St. John’s Wort (Chapter 8 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

Right after you finish the cutscene with Amicia and Hugo next to the tree, turn right. The flower will be right in front of it.

Lavender (Chapter 9 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

Before leaping over the wall at the start of the chapter, look to your left for a mossy tree with a fallen tree’s trunk to its right. The herb will be glowing in the crook in-between them.

Daisy (Chapter 10 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

As you make your way through the university, you’ll come to a small room infested with rats. You should just be able to make out the glow of the flower through their scurrying hoard.

Use an Odoris to draw them away from it or, if you have the materials, kill them with a Luminosa. Then, run over and grab the flower.

Rhododendron (Chapter 11 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

Before meeting up with Rodrick at the three interconnected drawbridges, walk around the right side of the courtyard. You’ll come to an unlit pyre, and to the left of it will be this chapter’s herb.

Cinquefoils (Chapter 12 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

After exiting the De Rune manor and listening to a short dialogue scene between Amicia and Lucas on how they’ll reach the bath houses, turn and look to your left. You should see the flowers at the base of a tree covered in rat nesting substance.

Daffodil (Chapter 13 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

After rescuing Hugo from the guards, hug the right side of the main path until you come to a break in the wall. Head through the break and you’ll find the flower directly ahead, which Hugo will also run to.

Black Nightshade (Chapter 14 Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium)

After reaching the other side of the garden area while tailing Captain Nicholas, turn around and circle the left side of the shrubbery directly in front of you. You’ll come to a break before long, and the herb will be hidden inside.

Rockfoils (Chapter 15 Herbs for Hugo’s Herbarium)

Go into the room to the left of where Lucas is fiddling with the iced-over chest. To your right will be a table, and just behind it will be the chapter’s herbs.

Christmas Rose (Chapter 16 Herbs for Hugo’s Herbarium)

After Melie and Lucas tell you to escape the pursuing guards by running through a burning house, Rodrick will set to work to break the door down. This will trigger guards to come through a previously locked gate.

Kill the guards and head through the now opened gate. Continue down the path to the left and you’ll come to the game’s final herb for Hugo’s Herbarium.

What You Get When you Find Every Herb for Hugo’s Herbarium

Once you’ve found every herb for Hugo’s Herbarium, you’ll be rewarded with a total of two trophies or achievements.

The first is the “Herbalist” trophy, which prompts after you’ve successfully found six flowers scattered throughout the game. The second is the “Botanist” trophy, which can only be obtained after you’ve found every herb in the game.

You’ll also get to see every dialogue scene collecting the herbs prompts. Some are admittedly minor interactions, but others add to important scenes and shouldn’t be missed if you can help it.

That’s everything there is to know about where to find every herb for hug’s herbarium in a Plague Tale: Innocence. For more on the game, check out our A Plague Tale: Innocence guide wiki for plenty of tips, tricks and secrets.

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