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Plague Tale Innocence: How to Save

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Plague Tale Innocence: How to Save

A Plague Tale Innocence, the new game that is published by Focus Home Interactive, tells the story of two siblings during the Hundred Years War as they try to survive the Black Death. Since survival is the aim of the game, with you interacting with puzzles in the hope that you’re successful in that aim, you’re going to want to keep all the progress you make as you play. To make the most of your time with the game, here’s everything you need to know about how to save in A Plague Tale Innocence.

How to Save in Plague Tale Innocence

Thankfully, the saving system in A Plague Tale is pretty good. The game saves your progress automatically at certain points, so you’d never lose much progress if you had to quit unexpectedly or the game crashed for one reason or another.

It’s pretty easy to tell when the game is saving too. If you keep an eye on the bottom of the screen, you’ll occasionally see a little diamond shape appear with a spark around it.

That icon appearing is the indicator that the game is saving your progress. Therefore, if you’re wanting to quit the game and want to ensure that the game will pick up where you left off, just wait for that icon to appear and then disappear again. You’ll be safe to quit then.

That is the only way to save in A Plague Tale Innocence, though. There is no way to manually save in the menus or anywhere else. You shouldn’t have too many problems with the autosave feature that you would be wishing you had another way though.

That’s everything you need to know about how to save in A Plague Tale Innocence. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out our Plague Tale Innocence wiki guide.

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