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Fortnite Fortbyte 41 Location: Accessible by Using TomatoHead Inside Durrrburger Restaurant

fortnite fortbyte 41 location

Fortnite Fortbyte 41 Location: Accessible by Using TomatoHead Inside Durrrburger Restaurant

Another day means yet another one of the Fortbytes to grab in Fortnite Season 9. This Friday, we’re tasked with tracking down Fortbyte 41 which is ‘Accessible by Using TomatoHead Emoticon Inside Durrrburger Restaurant’. If you’re struggling to figure out where this restaurant is, or just where Fortbyte 41 is within here, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

What Fortbytes Are in Fortnite?

Fortbytes are essentially a new collectible introduced in Fortnite Season 9. Each day, a new one is unlocked, with some requiring players to reach a certain amount of XP, complete other challenge-like tasks, or solve riddles to find their locations on the map.

Upon collecting 90 of the 100 Fortbytes, players will also unlock the special Utopia Battle Star skin for this season. As such, for players wanting to get everything they possibly can out of Fortnite Season 9, Fortbytes are pretty important.

How to Get Tomatohead Emoticon in Fortnite

Even if you’ve hardly been playing Fortnite in Season 9, getting the Tomatohead emoticon shouldn’t be all that difficult, or you might already have it. It’s a cosmetic reward for reaching Tier 3 on the Battle Pass.

how to get tomatohead emoticon in fortnite

Once you’ve got it, simply make your way over to the Locker screen from the Lobby, choose one of your emote slots, and equip it for ease of access within the game. You can then simply press up on the d-pad on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, or B on PC to open your emote wheel and use it quickly.

Where to Find Fortbyte 41 By Using TomatoHead Emoticon Inside Durrrburger Restaurant – D6

fortbyte 41 map location in Fortnite, durrrburger restaurant location

For this one, you’re going to want to make your way to Neo Tilted, as this is where you’re going to find the Durrrburger Restaurant.

Specifically, it can be found in the south section of this named location, and you’re looking out for the giant holographic burger over the top of the building. It’s a pretty convenient marker really.

Once you’ve spotted the building, you’ll want to focus on landing at towards the north of the building by a line of trees. Literally land on these trees, not the platform just above them. Then, head through the entrance and take a right and you should find yourself in a kitchen-looking room.

Fortbyte 41 location

Make your way to the very back of this room and you’ll spot Fortbyte 41 faded out, open up your emote wheel, use the Tomatohead emoticon now that you’re in the Durrrburger Restaurant.

As always, walk on over to it, and press X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, Y on Nintendo Switch, and E on PC to interact with and collect it.

That’s all you need to know to get Fortbyte 41 by using the Tomatohead emoticon in Durrrburger Restaurant in Fortnite. We’ve also got helpful guides to track down Fortbyte 16 in a desert house with too many chairs, Fortbyte 72 in Salty Springs and Fortbyte 7 if you’ve been struggling to figure out where to cuddle up inside a Rocky Umbrella, too.

For more tips, tricks, and guides on everything in the current season of Fortnite, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 9 guide wiki.

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