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Dauntless: Damage Colors & Types Explained

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Dauntless: Damage Colors & Types Explained

Developed by Phoenix Labs, Dauntless is a brand new free-to-play online monster hunting game released for PC and consoles. If you’re wondering what the different damage colors mean in Dauntless, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

Damage Colors and Types in Dauntless Explained

If you’ve been playing Dauntless for a while now, chances are pretty good that you’ve noticed different damage colors popping up whenever you hit a monster. This determines the type of damage you’re dealing to that particular Behemoth, and it can change depending on which part of the Behemoth you’re hitting, and what weapon you have equipped.

Let’s break them down.

Stagger Damage (Blue)

Whenever you see blue damage numbers, this means that you’re dealing stagger damage to the Behemoth. Once you’ve dealt enough stagger damage, the Behemoth will collapse, leaving it completely open to free attacks.

To stagger a Behemoth in Dauntless, your best bet is to use a blunt weapon like the Hammer, and try to hit its head as often as you can to build up the stagger meter. Of course, other slashing and piercing weapons can deal stagger damage as well, provided you have the necessary modifications for them.

Wound Damage (Red)

If your damage colors are red, this means that you’re dealing wound damage.

It’s important to note that wound damage does not count towards a Behemoth’s total health pool in Dauntless. When dealing wound damage, you’re simply wounding the Behemoth in parts where proper damage can be dealt. This is best done with slashing weapons.

Once you’ve wounded a Behemoth properly, the basic damage you deal to those wounded parts, in particular, will increase.

Part Damage (Yellow)

Yellow damage numbers let you know that you’re dealing part damage in Dauntless. Similar to wound damage, part damage does not count towards the Behemoth’s health pool either.

By dealing part damage, you’re simply dealing damage to parts of the Behemoth in an attempt to break them off so that you can get a loot drop after the fight. Part damage is easily dealt by using slashing weapons.

Basic Damage (Grey)

Last, but not least, grey or white damage colors indicate that you’re simply doing normal, basic damage to a Behemoth in Dauntless.

In essence, when you see these damage colors, you’ll know that you’re dealing normal damage to your foe without building up damage towards stagger, wound, or part.

That’s all you need to know about what the damage colors mean in Dauntless. Be sure to check our Dauntless guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

Here are a few guides to get you started:

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