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A Plague Tale Innocence: Story Summary (Spoilers)

A Plague Tale: Innocence, Story Summary

A Plague Tale Innocence: Story Summary (Spoilers)

A lot happens over the course of A Plague Tale: Innocence‘s story, so it’s to be expected that you might be looking for a story summary for A Plague Tale: Innocence that makes sense of everything.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead* If you somehow got to this point and missed the warning signs we put all over the place, and the title itself wasn’t clear enough, we are going to be discussing the story of A Plague Tale Innocence so turn back if you want to experience it on your own.

Story Summary for A Plague Tale Innocence (Spoilers)

Starting off as a tale of two orphans trying to survive in a world ravaged by the Black Death before branching out into dark fantasy and horror themes, the game goes places you probably didn’t expect when you first picked the game up.

Not only that, but several elements of the plot are delivered in the background, spoken of between guards and NPCs as you’re sneaking past them.

This can make getting the full picture of what happens in A Plague Tale: Innocence tricky, so we’re here to simplify things with a concise, clarified summary of everything that happens during the game’s plot.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 1 – The de Rune Legacy

The story begins with Amicia De Rune going on a trip through the forest with her father Robert De Rune, the Lord of a town and the De Rune estate, and her dog Lion.

The two discuss how both Robert and Amicia’s mother Beatrice are busy with their own obligations and don’t have time to spend with Amicia.

More importantly, they reveal that Beatrice must keep a constant watch over Amicia’s sickly younger brother Hugo. A talented Alchemist, she has tried to find a cure for his condition for years to no avail, though Amicia knows little of what his illness even is.

Their talks are cut short when Lion spots a wild boar. Amicia injures the boar with a stone sling, after which Lion gives chase. As a result, Amicia loses track of him, after which he is attacked and killed by something coming out of a hole leading underground.

Robert catches up with her to see this and, alarmed, takes them both back to the De Rune Estate. He then tells Amicia to meet up with her mother and tell her what happened, which she does.

In the process, she meets Hugo for either the first time or the first time in years due to his quarantine.

Shortly after this, Inquisition guards arrive at the house with a captured Robert and hand him over to their commander, Captain Nicholas.

Nicholas kills Robert, then orders his men to question everyone living at the De Rune Estate for Hugo’s location and kill any who don’t give it to them.

This forces Amicia and Hugo to sneak off the property. They reunite with Beatrice for a time and, while Hugo shows signs of agitation from his illness, they reach an escape route.

To give Amicia and Hugo time to escape however, Beatrice stays behind. She instructs them to find Laurentius, a doctor who has aided her in her pursuit of a cure for Hugo.

This leads to what appears to be her death, though Amicia only sees a bloody sword come through a door.

Regardless, the children flee through the forest. Though guards give chase, the same strange creature that killed Lion starts attacking them in time with Hugo’s agitation and fear from everything going on.

This allows the children to escape into the river, washing up on shore near the town their father ruled over.

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