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A Plague Tale Innocence: Where to Find Every Gift

A Plague Tale: Innocence, Where to Find Every Gift

A Plague Tale Innocence: Where to Find Every Gift

If you’ve been struggling on where to find every gift in A Plague Tale: Innocence, you’re not alone.

One of three different types of collectibles you can find scattered throughout the game’s levels, gifts can be surprisingly well-hidden both in plain sight and off the beaten path in each chapter.

Where to Find Every Gift in A Plague Tale Innocence

This is all well and good for those who just want to play through the main story, as they’ll act as a pleasant surprise anytime they’re stumbled upon.

For those trying to find them all though, this can lead to hours of scouring every edge, nook and cranny of levels for the special items, many times not finding anything for your troubles.

That’s why we’ve done the leg work and found each and every gift, noting their exact locations and creating detailed instructions to find them so that you can grab them all with minimal hassle.

Whistle (Chapter 1 Gift)

After completing the introductory segment of the game, you’ll arrive at the De Rune estate. As soon as you get control of Amicia again, head to the right toward the horse stables.

The third stable will be empty with a ladder leading up and out of it. Climb the ladder, then look to your right. The gift will be sitting on a pile of lumber.

Amulets and Talismans (Chapter 2 Gift)

After the start of the level, head down the main path until you reach the first abandoned merchant’s stall on the right. It’ll be covered with an orange tarp.

Head to the right of it to go behind a stone house. There, you’ll find a small dock with a pile of cloth on the left side of it. The gift will be sitting on top of the cloth.

Rosary (Chapter 3 Gift)

In the church where the level first starts, head toward the altar directly ahead of you. Then, turn right toward a blocked off doorway in an alcove.

On the left side of the alcove is another alter with a statue above it. The gift can be found on the right side of the altar.

Diary of an Alchemist (Chapter 4 Gift)

After reaching the orchard halfway through the chapter, head toward the right side of the area. Before long, you’ll find a wrecked boat with a dead body next to it. The gift is right next to the body.

Ballastella (Chapter 5 Gift)

After you reach the broken catapult puzzle, you’ll be able to see an unlit bonfire to the left of the catapult holding the pyre. Use an Ignifer to light it, then have Lucas trigger the pyre to start swinging so that you can reach the lit torch blocked off by rats.

Run to the torch in time with the swinging pyre to reach the blocked-off area. Once there you’ll find a gated area with an unlit torch you can shoot with an Ignifer and a gap Hugo can crawl through to retrieve a stick.

Light the torch so that Hugo can safely crawl through, grabbing the stick and bringing it back to you. Once you have the stick, have Lucas trigger the swinging pyre again and stay in motion with it until it settles.

Once it does, light the stick on it and cross over to the bonfire you lit at the start of the puzzle. Cross over to it, and the gift will be to the right of the bonfire.

Knuckle Bones (Chapter 6 Gift)

After Arthur causes the second distraction needed for Amicia and Melie to reach Hugo, head through the tents Melie leads you to until you come to an opening on your left. This will lead you to a patrolling guard in front of another tent.

Wait for the guard to turn around and put his back to the tent’s entrance. When he does, sneak over and into it. You’ll find the gift straight ahead on a table.

Vinegar of the Four Thieves (Chapter 7 Gift)

After getting past the rat pit puzzle, head up the stair until you reach a split in the path. Then, turn left and back toward a house overlooking the area you just came from.

Once you reach the house, have Melie unlock the front door. The gift will be directly ahead of you on a table once you enter.

Alchemist’s Crucible (Chapter 8 Gift)

After speaking to Lucas with Hugo, follow him back up to the main area of the castle. From there, he’ll lead you to another staircase leading further up toward an interaction with Melie.

Before heading up the staircase though, look to the left. Hidden in a pile of rubble will be this chapter’s gift.

Chess Board (Chapter 9 Gift)

Once you reach the entrance to the university at the end of the level, you’ll have to options for entering: Through the main entrance or the door on the right side of the building.

Head toward the side entrance. As you get closer, you’ll see two guards, one armored and one unarmored, making their way toward a tent. Follow them and either kill them or knock them out. Afterward, look inside the tent for a table with the gift on it.

Reading Stone (Chapter 10 Gift)

After your second encounter with a heavy that Rodrick can tackle, look in the upper right corner of the room. The gift will be sitting on a table.

Calamus (Chapter 12 Gift)

As you approach the De Rune manor, you’ll come to a house with a broken door next to a cage swarming with rats. If you duck down, you’ll be able to see a table inside the house with an item on it, though the house too will be infested with rats.

Ready an Odoris shot with the sling, then fire it to the side of the house away from the table. This will give you a few moments to run in and grab the gift.

What You Get for Finding Every Gift

That’s every gift you can find in A Plague Tale: Innocence, though you may still be wondering what you get for going through the trouble of finding all of these items.

For starters, finding every gift gets you the “Big Sister” trophy and achievement. This is one of the more sizable challenges in the game, so it nabs you a gold trophy or an achievement worth several achievement points respectively.

Likewise, each item comes with a unique bit of dialogue from the characters and some info on the world, so they’re worth finding if you’re a lore hound.

Hopefully, this cleared up where to find every gift in A Plague Tale: Innocence. For more tips, tricks and info, be sure to check out our A Plague Tale: Innocence guide wiki.

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