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Outward: How to Use Rune Magic & What It Does

Outward, rune magic

Outward: How to Use Rune Magic & What It Does

How to Use Rune Magic & What It Does in Outward

Your character has many different classes and abilities to choose from in the open-world survival RPG Outward. For those wanting to delve in magic, there are also different specializations to learn. Here’s how to use rune magic and what it does in Outward.

As you may have guessed, rune magic is a specific type of magic in Outward. It allows you to summon weapons and place arcane traps on the ground. But you’ll need to train your character in this specialty before you can cast it.

This can be done in the game’s second area, in a city called Berg. You must find Flase, the Sage trainer, and have him train you. Essentially, all his training entails is purchasing the four required rune spells from him for 50 silver each. You will also need the Lexicon book if you’re going to successfully cast anything.

How to Use Rune Magic

To actually cast rune magic, you need cast the colored rune spell in different combinations. We have listed these for you below:

  • Blue+Purple=Runic Protection
  • Purple+Blue= Runic Healing* (Requires arcane syntax)
  • Red+Green= Runic Trap
  • Red+Red= Runic Detonation
  • Red+Purple= Runic Blade
  • Red+Purple= Greater Runic Blade* (Requires arcane syntax)
  • Green+Blue= Runic Lantern
  • Green+Red= Runic Lightning* (Requires arcane syntax)

So to cast Runic Protection, you’ll need to press X, then Y (assuming you’re using a gamepad).

Note that some rune magic requires you to purchase the rune upgrade from the Sage trainer, called Arcane Syntax.

Remember, as with any magic in Outward, you’ll also need to gather mana before attempting to cast.

That is everything you should need to know about how to use rune magic and what it does in Outward. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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