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7 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 So Far


7 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 So Far

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII, Nintendo Switch, best games, 2019

Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch marks the first time this classic masterpiece has ever landed on a Nintendo platform. While it’ far from the upcoming remake Square Enix has in store, this updated version comes with the same grit and adventure that all fans know and love.

The story follows a troubled ex-mercenary named Cloud Strife who gets caught up in the struggle against a deranged killer, Sephiroth, who has plans of destroying the world. Final Fantasy VII is home to a ton of loveable and memorable characters and houses an intuitive turn-based combat system.

You can customize your characters with different skills and magic, giving you the freedom to build your own team.

Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch also comes with some handy features, including a near-invincible mode and a x3 turbo mode (which every JRPG needs, really). Both longtime veterans and new fans of the series will definitely find something to love with the Nintendo Switch port.

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