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Days Gone: What the Download & Install Size Is

what Days Gone's install size is

Days Gone: What the Download & Install Size Is

What Days Gone’s Download & Install Size Is on PS4

With the arrival of Sony Bend’s PS4 exclusive Days Gone, some players may be wanting to do some spring cleaning on their PS4 hard drive to ensure they’ve got enough space to fit the entire install on. Here’s what Days Gone‘s download and install size is on PS4.

What the Install Size Is

Having installed Days Gone on our PS4, we can confirm that the install size is 59.84 GB. During the download process, you’ll see it is possible to download the game after only part of the game has finished installing. However, there will be a limited amount of the game you can play until the entire 59.84 GB is downloaded.

We advise just holding on tight and waiting for the full thing to be downloaded in order to get the most stable and immersive experience. In case any bugs pop up.

Is Days Gone’s Install Size Different on PS4 and PS4 Pro?

With Days Gone being PS4 Pro compatible, some players may have been wondering if the game’s install size was different on the standard PS4 compared to the PS4 Pro. We’ve checked this on both units and the download size remained a consistent 59.84 GB on both versions of hardware.

As such, it seems as though the standard PS4 download may include the additional assets that the Pro utilizes, even if they’re not actually made use of.

Can You Preload Days Gone?

If you’re beginning to get a little concerned at Days Gone’s download size and think you’ll be waiting days after it releases to get your hands on it, fear not. The game is available to download as of Tuesday, April 23. That means that you’ll have around three full days to get the near-60 GB install downloaded and ready to roll on your system before the official release date rolls around.

That’s everything you need to know on how much room the game’s going to take up on your console. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Days Gone guide wiki.

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