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Days Gone: How to Skip Cutscenes

Days Gone, How to Skip Cutscenes

Days Gone: How to Skip Cutscenes

Not everyone was thrilled by the announcement that Days Gone would have cutscenes taking up 20 percent of its runtime, so it’s no surprise some may be wondering how to skip cutscenes.

How to Skip Cutscenes in Days Gone

Clocking in at roughly 30 hours for its total runtime, Days Gone boasts an admittedly large pool of cutscenes for players to sit through. When all is said and done, they make up six hours of the total runtime.

While this may be great for those who enjoy their cinematic storytelling kept separate from their gameplay, others might be nettled by the sizable chunk of time the game tries to take away from their play sessions.

Fortunately for these players, there is an option available for them to skip cutscenes whenever they see fit, whether it’s their first time seeing it or the 101st.

Which Button to Press to Skip Cutscenes

To skip cutscenes, players need only press and hold the touchpad while they’re in the middle of a cinematic. An icon will appear in the bottom left corner, and once you’ve held down the touchpad long enough, the icon will fill up and allow you to skip the cutscene.

Afterward, players will be sent to the point in the game that follows this cutscene.

It’s also worth mentioning, though, that they won’t be able to go back and view the skipped cinematic if they save after this point. The only way to try and view it again is to load an earlier save or play through the game up to that point.

In addition to that, you can also hold down the touchpad to skip optional dialogue with NPCs that Deacon can talk to around camp.

That’s all there is to knowing how to skip cutscenes in Days Gone. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and info that’ll make the experience that much more enjoyable.

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