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Days Gone: How to Save Your Game

Days Gone, How to Save Your Game

Days Gone: How to Save Your Game

For those not in the know, Days Gone is a sizable gaming experience with a plethora of story and gameplay to immerse oneself in. As such, you’re going to want to know how to save your game in Days Gone.

How to Save Your Game in Days Gone

Boasting a 30 hour runtime with six hours of cutscenes, Days Gone is far from a bite-sized experience. Even if players race through it as fast as possible, it’s feasible (and recommended) that they’ll take a break at some point to rest and recharge.

To that end, knowing how to record your progress will be vital to getting the most out of the game. After all, playing through the game won’t be nearly as engaging if you lose all of your progress.

Fortunately, it’s a fairly straight forward process once you know what to do.

How to Manually Save Your Game

Like many modern games, Days Gone has two options to record your progress: A manual save that can be triggered at any time and a quick save that can only be initiated in certain situations.

For the former, it’s as simple as pressing the Options button and choosing the Save Game option from the drop-down menu. This will record all of your progress and acts as a hard file you can return to at your leisure.

How to Create a Quick Save

As for quick-saving, the conditions are a little more restrictive. It can only be initiated by being close to your bike and/or within a safe area.

This means there can’t be any Freakers nearby or alerted, and that it unfortunately can’t be exploited to cheese your way through more harrowing situations.

Once these conditions are met, you can hold the triangle button to initiate the quick save and load from it at your leisure.

Hopefully this cleared up how to save your game in Days Gone. For more on the title, check out our guide wiki for tips, tricks and secrets.

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