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Days Gone: Best Skills to Get First

days gone, best skills

Days Gone: Best Skills to Get First

As you gain more experience by killing enemies and completing missions, you’ll earn skill points. Here are the best skills to get first in Days Gone.

Best Skills to Get First in Days Gone

Focused Shot

  • Ability to activate Focus while aiming a ranged weapon.

This really should be the very first skill you pick up in Days Gone. When aiming a weapon, hit the L3 button and time will slow down, allowing you to line up a headshot.

If you take the time to clear NERO checkpoints, you can also start to upgrade your Focus bar to increase its duration.

Fight and Flight

days gone, best skills

  • Move and aim a ranged weapon with more precision.

Deacon’s aim is pretty bad at the start of the game, and with how long the Focus cooldown is, Fight and Flight will allow you to have more mobility while firing.

Crowd Control

  • Reduces the cooldown of Focus.

Pretty self-explanatory. Shorter cooldown times means you’ll get to use Focus more, allowing you to get more easy headshots to end fights quickly.

On the Move

  • Ability to reload ranged weapon while sprinting.

This is a pretty huge one, especially when you’re dealing with Freakers. If you’re in a situation where you can’t possibly melee every single Freaker to death, you’ll need to shoot them, and be able to reload your gun while running away.


  • Plants are displayed on the mini-map.

At the start of Days Gone, plants are the easiest turn-ins for Trust levels and Credits. They’re littered all over the world map, making them easier to farm than animals.

Green Thumb

  • Ability to gather double the plants when collecting them.

This goes hand in hand with Hawkeyed. The more plants you have, the more Trust and Credits you get.

Thief in the Night

  • Generate less noise when moving or dropping.

If you’re into the stealth component of Days Gone, Thief in the Night is one of the best skills you can get early on in the game. Making less noise while moving around will make it easier for you to get the drop on your enemies.

Catch Your Breath

  • Reduces cooldown on stamina recovery.

Because Deacon’s stamina is so poor, you’ll definitely want to pick this skill up as soon as possible.

Monkey Wrench

  • Doubles the effectiveness of scrap while repairing the bike.

Your bike in Days Gone can get messed up pretty easily, and repairing it yourself takes up a lot of scrap. This skill drastically reduces the amount of scrap needed for repairs, and allows you to save resources more efficiently.

Shape Up

  • Significantly increases stamina regeneration rates.

This goes hand in hand with Catch Your Breath, and allows Deacon’s stamina to regenerate a lot quicker.

Six Feet Over

  • Regain some stamina when taking damage.

One of the last skills you can get in the Survival tree, and also one of the best skills in the game. By gaining a bit of stamina as you take damage, you have a better chance of sprinting away to safety.

That’s all you need to know about the best skills to get first in Days Gone. Be sure to check our Days Gone guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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