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Days Gone: How to Aim Down Sights

Days Gone, How to Aim Down Sights

Days Gone: How to Aim Down Sights

How to Aim Down Sights in Days Gone

Considering the amount of gunplay there is in Days Gone, it’s no surprise that some players are wondering how to aim down the sights of their guns to land a better shot.

A staple of shooters and games with gunplay, aiming down the sights allows you to more precisely target your enemies. Doing so can be the difference between a shot that wounds an enemy and one that puts them down for good.

This is all the more crucial in Days Gone, where humans, animals, and the infected Freakers are all gunning for the your life at any given moment.

As it stands though, the mechanic is more limited than you might expect in when and where it can be used.

Which Weapons You Can Aim Down Sights With

As it currently stands, you can only aim down the sights of Sniper Rifles and other long-range weapons. This can be done by aiming the weapon with L2 before firing with R2.

Every other weapon is kept firmly to the game’s third-person aiming system, with their improved aim only placing the camera closer behind the your shoulder.

Why You Can’t Aim Down Sights With More Weapons

While this may be a bummer for some, it does make sense from a design perspective. Many horror or horror-esque games have limited the player’s ability to react to their surroundings with their mechanics, making the gameplay that much more tense.

Days Gone is no different. With you fighting your way through an infection-ravaged world, not being able to aim down the sights of guns does certainly increase the tension of whether or not a shot will land where they want it to.

Hopefully that cleared up how to aim down the sights in Days Gone. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and info.

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