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Best Action-Adventure Games of 2019 So Far


Best Action-Adventure Games of 2019 So Far

Devil May Cry 5

best action-adventure games of 2019 so far

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the next true installment in the Devil May Cry series for quite some time, and boy did Capcom deliver with DMC 5 in March.

Powered by the fantastic RE Engine, which has already been utilized in Resident Evil 7 and RE2 Remake respectively, the game delivers the fast-paced, hack-and-slash demon hunting synonymous with the series in breathtaking beauty.

Set several years after the events of Devil May Cry 4, this latest entry sees the seeds of a ‘demon tree’ terrorize Red Grave City, essentially sprouting up and eating people.

With three different playable characters, each of which feel distinctly different to use in combat, Devil May Cry 5’s stylish combat never ceases to get old throughout its 11-hour duration.

From Nero’s various Devil Breaker mechanical arms to the more traditional DMC combat experience with Dante, the game feels like three distinctly different experiences packed into one, comprehensive celebration of Devil May Cry.

With plenty of different difficulty levels to choose from and unlock too, there’s plenty of reason to return and test your skills.

Devil May Cry 5’s hack-and-slash combat is a veritable treat that makes you feel as bad-ass as the game looks beautiful (and that’s a lot). Whether you’re a newcomer or someone deeply invested in the series, this is one truly worth checking out.

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