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5 Best Borderlands Mods You Can’t Play Without


5 Best Borderlands Mods You Can’t Play Without

Even though it has been ten years since the original Borderlands graced our screens, the mod community is still going strong with some pretty awesome ones that change up the entire game.

Check out our list of some of the best Borderlands mods right here; we promise that at least one of them will tickle your fancy. And if you’re looking for mods for Borderlands 2, then you can also check that out right here.

Gun Creator

best borderlands mods

If you’ve played Borderlands at all, then you know that this looter shooter is, of course, all about the vast array of guns available for purchase or to just find laying around in chests.

Each gun is unique, having different points towards stats like reload speed, damage output, accuracy, zoom, magazine size, and much more. How cool would it be if you were somehow able to create your own special gun with the stats of your choice?

Well, with this “Make Your Own Weapon” mod, now you can. You can have a gun with top reload speed and top damage output, destroying any creature that stands before you.

You might end up breaking the game somehow if you crank up all of the stats to their peak points, but if you play around with the settings, we’re sure that you can make some awesome guns to switch back and forth with. But hey, if you and your friends wanna wreck everything in your path as an unbeatable squad, now you can.

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