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Division 2: How to Get More Clothes & Change Outfits

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Division 2: How to Get More Clothes & Change Outfits

How to Get More Clothes and Change Outfits in The Division 2

Fashion was the name of the game in the original title, and the same rings true in this looter shooter sequel as well. Here’s how to get more clothes and change outfits in Division 2.

Unlike the original game, actually getting new outfits in The Division 2 seems to be a lot harder. Clothing drops are much rarer, and suffice it to say that you won’t be changing your threads every 10 minutes or so like in the first game.

Changing Outfits in Division 2

First off, you can change outfits in Division 2 by bringing up your main menu by pressing the Options button (or Menu button on Xbox One), and selecting the Apparel option.

From here, you’ll see all the different clothing categories, so just select your desired category and pick the piece of apparel you want your character to wear. That’s all there is to it.

How to Get More Clothes

However, actually getting clothes is the tricky part in The Division 2. From our experience so far, we’ve found that we only managed to find new clothes by searching suitcases and loot boxes found in the open world.

As you’re playing through missions or exploring the environments, just look through any lootable items in the area, and you’ll have a chance of getting a new piece of clothing or emote. Most of the time, you’ll get ammo or raw materials, but we found that suitcases and bags had better chances of dropping clothes.

Each time you gain a level in The Division 2, you’ll also be rewarded with a cache. Usually, you’ll get weapon caches, but every so often, you’ll get an apparel cache instead. You can open this from your inventory to get a random cosmetic item or some new clothes.

Lastly, the best and most surefire way of actually getting new clothes is by spending real money. In the Apparel option from the main menu, go to the Store and you’ll see tons of clothes available for purchase.

The catch? You have to use Premium Credits, which are the premium currency used in The Division 2. We’ve included a screenshot down below to give you a sense of how much money you’ll need to spend on these Premium Credits.

And for reference, the Rider outfit costs 517 Premium Credits. Which means you’ll need to spend more than $5 to get that clothing set.

That’s all you need to know about how to get clothes and change outfits in Division 2. Be sure to check our Division 2 guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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