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Division 2: How to Change Character Appearance & Hairstyle


Division 2: How to Change Character Appearance & Hairstyle

How to Change Character Appearance & Hairstyle

The Division 2 has even more customization than its predecessors, allowing you to create whoever you want in Washington D.C. Here’s how to change character appearance and hairstyle in The Division 2.

Most of the fun in The Division 2 comes from the firefights, the missions, the perks and of course, the story. There is, however, a facet of the game that allows you to become fully immersed in it and that’s the character customization.

In 2016’s The Division, there were a healthy amount of options available, but the sequel has upped the ante.

How to Change Character Appearance

You’ll be given the option to create a character at the start of The Division 2, naturally. Here, there’s a lot you can do.

In just the face, you can adjust things like eye color, eyebrow positioning, eyebrow depth and more. Then, you can top that face off with any number of hairstyles.

From there, you can don your character with tattoos, clothes and more.

We really recommend taking your time during this section of the game because unfortunately, you will not be able to change your character appearance later in the game.

You will, however, be able to change your character’s clothing. To do this, select Apparel in the menu, which can be assessed by pressing the Options or Menu button. Once in Apparel, you can select what clothing you want your character to wear.

How to Change Character Hairstyle

Similar to all of the other character customization options in The Division 2 like brow depth, face shape and more, your character’s hairstyle goes a long way in immersion. If you want your character to have hair like you, there’s a good chance your hairstyle is somewhere in the customization menus.

As with the other customization options, we recommend taking your time in determining a hairstyle because after this point in the game,you won’t be able to edit it for quite a while.

After unlocking the Campus settlement, go ahead and do the next main mission, Bank Headquarters. After completing it, head back to Campus and talk to Joshua, and you’ll unlock the Barber back at the Base of Operations at the White House. Look out for the orange icon on your screen to find Joshua easily.

Back at the Base of Operations, turn right in the hallway upon entering the area, then turn right again into a small room. You’ll be able to interact with a mirror that lets you change your hairstyle, tattoos, and few other facial features. However, you’ll need to fork out a small sum of E-Credits each time you do so.

That’s it for how to change character appearance and hairstyle in The Division 2. For more information, be sure to check out our Division 2 Guide Wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you take back Washington D.C. Stick to Twinfinite for news, previews, reviews, op-eds, features and guides for all of your other favorite games too.

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