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Dead or Alive 6 Update Will Increase Costume Part Drops in Several Modes

Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 Update Will Increase Costume Part Drops in Several Modes

One of the main complaints many have about Dead or Alive 6, is that it’s difficult to acquire some costumes due to the low drop rate of costume parts (or Patterns) dropped in most modes outside of DOA Quest.

Today Team Ninja announced via Twitter that things are going to change with a server-side update on Monday, March 4 at 10:00 am Japan Time. Costume part drops in multiple modes will be multiplied by ten.

It’s worth mentioning that the tweet in Japanese mentions that this is in addition to Ranked Matches, which are already affected by a campaign multiplying costume parts by ten.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, as the issues with unlocking costumes were basically the biggest complaint I had in my review of the game. Hopefully future patch will also mitigate or remove the random factor in the system.

If you want to learn more about Dead or Alive 6, you can also take a look at the costumes coming with the first season pass and details about the pricing, and read and our recent interview with Director Yohei Shimbori. On top of that, you can enjoy out a look at the impressive facial expressions which are displayed during gameplay.

We also have a video providing a first look at the story mode’s cutscenes, and another showing all the costumes included in the base game, alongside images of all the Deluxe costumes, and the Lobby Match mode that will be added in March.

Dead or Alive 6 just released today (March 1) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you picked it up, you can take a look at our extensive guides to help you get started.

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