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5 Best Upcoming Fighting Games to Have on Your Radar in 2019


5 Best Upcoming Fighting Games to Have on Your Radar in 2019

While most of the big names of the fighting game genre are focused on post release support and DLC this year, there are still plenty of great new fighters on the way. These are the five best upcoming fighting games to have on your radar in 2019.

5 Best Upcoming Fighting Games of 2019

Shovel Knight Showdown

Shovel Knight Showdown, Fighting Games 2019

Given the popularity and success of Shovel Knight since its release, it isn’t surprising developer Yacht Club Games would want to apply the property to a new genre.

Enter Shovel Knight Showdown, a Super Smash Bros.-esque fighter starring Shovel Knight and the other knights he takes on throughout the original game.

In addition to boasting the series’ retro style and aesthetic, each knight has their own move sets with minor variations or quirks to help them stand out.

While Shovel Knight has his trademark downward shovel drop, other characters like Shield Knight can use projectile attacks that act as a double-damage dealing boomerang.

Admittedly the roster may come off as small to fans of more traditional fighters, and aside from a few gameplay trailers there hasn’t been much promotional material to help give people a glimpse of what it has in store.

For fans of the series and fighters though, it’s likely to be a fitting addition to the property and well worth taking a look at.

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