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4 Resident Evil 2 DLC Ideas That’d Put Ghost Survivors to Shame


4 Resident Evil 2 DLC Ideas That’d Put Ghost Survivors to Shame

4 More Resident Evil 2 DLC Ideas

Ada’s Escape

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One of the biggest scenes in Resident Evil 2 is Ada’s “death” scene, whether it’s by the hands of Mr. X or Annette Birkin. There are a few variations here and there, but Leon’s route always ends with the Umbrella spy meeting her demise at the Umbrella laboratory. Or so we thought.

Ada’s no stranger to all sorts of death-defying situations, but she manages to get herself out of it. In fact, she even escaped Raccoon City after her supposed death at the laboratory. Her prowess as a spy and survivor are clearly shown in the Umbrella Chronicles where she leaves the city with relative ease.

While her escape wasn’t part of the original game, now’s the perfect opportunity to add it in the Resident Evil 2 remake as DLC. Capcom could mold Ada’s Escape as the ultimate survival mode – possibly even harder than Tofu Survivor. Players would have to be crafty and make the most out of Ada’s different spy tools to avoid combat as much as possible.

Ada’s also known for being quick, though she has one of the lowest health pools in the series. A few bites could ultimately lead to her death, especially considering the injuries she’d sustained in the lab. Ada’s escape has always been one of the more untouched topics in the Resident Evil 2 series, so now’s the best time to expand on it.

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