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Metro Exodus: How to Wipe Your Mask & What it Does

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Metro Exodus: How to Wipe Your Mask & What it Does

How to Wipe Your Mask in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus takes you out of the dank Metro tunnels of Russia and onto the war-torn surface. Of course, there are still plenty of supernatural threats to contend with, and the move to the surface hasn’t changed what the franchise is all about. There are a few old tricks you’ll need to know, like how to wipe your mask in Metro Exodus.

Despite making your way onto the surface, you’ll still venture through tons of irradiated areas that require the use of a gas mask. If you’ve played a Metro game before you should be familiar with how the gas mask works, as Artyom will usually put it on automatically as you enter irradiated zones.

However, while you’re trekking along on your adventure in Metro Exodus, the mask will consistently get water, mud, blood, or any other number of vile liquids splattered all over it.

You’ll need to wipe off your mask to keep your vision clear while fighting off enemies. To do this simply hit the L1 (LB) button and Artyom will wipe off the mask.

Why You Should Wipe Your Mask & Other Things to Keep in Mind

Remember to do this now and again to keep your vision clear. The other direly important thing to keep in mind while wearing the gas mask in Metro Exodus is the amount of time remaining in your air filter.

Make sure to keep an eye on the time you have remaining in your filter, and hit left on the D-Pad to swap it out for a brand new one.

Artyom is at his most vulnerable while wearing a gas mask, so it’s important you keep his gear in tip-top shape.

That’s everything you need to know about how to wipe your mask in Metro Exodus. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our extensive Metro Exodus wiki.

It’s full of helpful info, from general things like how to get more crafting materials, to more specific matters like how to turn on the generator and open the dam door.

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