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Metro Exodus: All Suit Upgrade Locations

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Metro Exodus: All Suit Upgrade Locations

All Suit Upgrade Locations in Metro Exodus

As desolate as Metro Exodus’ post-apocalyptic Russia can be, it’s very much a place where danger is at home. Defense shouldn’t be undervalued when Artyon goes up against humans, mutants or the world’s environmental hazards. Luckily, just like his weapons, Artyom’s suit can also benefit from a series of upgrades. Thirteen in total, they enhance the protagonist’s resistance and gadgets.

Although they can appear later on as well, this guide covers the places where the suit upgrades are first encountered, in the Volga (1-8) and Caspian (9-13) maps which make up the first two open levels in Metro Exodus. Here are all the suit upgrade locations in Metro Exodus.

Suit Upgrade 1 Location – Compass

The first suit upgrade, a handy wrist compass, can be found close to where the Aurora stops in the game’s first open level. Using your map, look for a peninsula stretching towards the north from just behind the location of the locomotive.

Traveling northwards, while keeping to the peninsula’s left side, will eventually see you reaching a crashed plane. You’ll find the compass on the floor inside the cockpit.

Suit Upgrade 2 Location – Extended Filter

For the extended filter, you’ll have to travel towards the middle of Volga’s central patch of land (where you first arrive). Follow the railroad that arcs towards the north. If you’ve used your binoculars to mark points of interest, head north towards the one closest to the cultists’ peninsula’s most southeastern point.

The filter waits inside a container found in a clearing, next to a utility pole. You’ll know it’s the right container if, upon opening, you’re greeted by a body sitting in a chair. The extended filter is found on the table at the end of the container.

Suit Upgrade 3 Location – Ammo Pouches

From where you find the extended filter, go towards the east until you see a grouping of ruined buildings. If you take a few steps towards the south, you’ll also bump into one of Metro Exodus’ several safehouses.

Look for a gate with a skeleton hanging from it. Past it, you should see a red brick structure with a skull painted on the circular portion to its left. You’ll find the ammo pouches just by the entrance, to the right. The building is, however, filled with bandits guarding three captive villagers, so you’ll either have to deal with them or sneak in and out for the suit upgrade.

Suit Upgrade 4 Location – Throwing Weapons Harness

For the fourth suit upgrade, you’ll have to travel near the easternmost point of Volga’s largest patch of land, until you find a gas station. Go forward through the main entrance, forward again, then take a left.

The suit upgrade waits on the middle shelf, next to a box.

Suit Upgrade 5 Location – Reinforcement Helmet

For this one, you’ll have to cross over to the body of land to the southeast which is linked to the Terminal. Go to the ruins overrun by bandits (one of your companions near the Aurora mentions having spotted a sniper there).

The reinforced helmet waits on a table in the building near the central area of the ruins. If you’re entering from the ruined wall with the destroyed blue truck, it’s literally the first building on the right.

Suit Upgrade 6 Location – Battery Charge Controller

A boat is required to get the sixth suit upgrade, as its found on the small island to the south. Head towards its southernmost point until you see a wooden building with a cyan (light blue) container on its right. Behind the container, you’ll find a fuel can. Pick it up, go inside the container and use it to power up the machine.

Enter the wooden building through the door nearest to the container. Take a left and use the switch on the wall to open the grated door. Go through it and climb on top of the building using the wooden boards. Walk forward and fall through the gap next to the chimney, then use your charger on the panel on the wall slightly to your left. Head through the red door behind you.

Take a left, then left again through the door. Go forward until you reach the room you first entered, take a left and turn on the switch to the metal door with the large round handle. Go through it to witness a rather distressing scene. Use the switch to the left, let the scene play out then take the battery charge controller from between the poor man’s ribs.

Suit Upgrade 7 Location – Metal Detector

The metal detector is close to the area where you pick up Nastya’s teddy bear from the flying demon’s nest. Go to the southernmost point in the center and look for a small rundown hut. As there’s plenty of those in Metro Exodus, if you’re looking towards the south, you should also see a giant crane behind it, in the distance. Looking behind, you’ll see a circular structure with a zipline.

Simply enter the hut, make left and you’ll find the suit upgrade on the desk.

Suit Upgrade 8 Location – Night Vision Goggles

Although not a suit upgrade per se, the night vision goggles do come in handy in the dark, so it’s worth picking them up.

They’re found inside the Terminal, but you first need to acquire a key from the villagers held by the bandits inside the building where you get the ammo pouches. As you go through the Terminal, which is a mostly linear area, you’ll eventually reach a large wooden door.

It’ll easily stand out, so approach it with the key and go through. The night vision goggles are on the table just to the right from the entrance. They’re also the final upgrade in Volga.

Suit Upgrade 9 Location – Motion Scanner

Travelling alongside the westernmost road in Caspian will eventually lead you to a wrecked barge that’s also marked on your map. You’ll want to make your way through it, until you reach the top. It won’t be a straightforward sprint, as it’s defended by enemies.

Entering from the south, take a right and go up the stairs. Go forward passing the containers and take the yellow ladder. Once on top, take a left and walk through the two rooms, climbing the metal staircase in the third one. Climb the yellow ladder in front of you, go through the door past the yellow electrical box and find the suit upgrade on a table to the right.

Suit Upgrade 10 Location – Extra Bright Flashlight

From the wrecked barge, take the westernmost road until you’re near the junction. In the area, you’ll find a red ship that also acts as a safehouse. Enter it and find the suit upgrade on a wooden crate on the left.

Suit Upgrade 11 Location – Armored Glass

From the safehouse you found the extra bright flashlight in, follow the road until it curves upwards. On the map, well to the west, you should see a small clearing. Follow the path until you reach a wooden ladder leading up to a cave with a circular compass-like symbol on top. There’s a fire burning just behind, set by the enemies you’ll have to deal with on the way.

Climb the ladder, walk forward and you’ll find the armored glass on a wooden crate on the right.

Suit Upgrade 12 Location – NVD Amplifier

Head towards the southwesternmost group of structures marked on your map and you’ll also find a safehouse. Specifically, you’re looking for the aircraft control tower with the large growth on the side and a zipline attached to it. Looking at it, you’ll have an intact hangar next to a crashed helicopter to your right and a ruined hangar to your left.

Entering through the side with the exposed rusted metal frame, take a right, then make your way to the other side, where you’ll find stairs leading to the very top. Enter the control room through the grated door and find the NVD Amplifier on a chair.

Suit Upgrade 13 Location – Consumables Carrier

The final suit upgrade is found near the water, to the north of where you found the NVD Amplifier. Explore the area until you find a shelter carved into the mountain itself. There’s a survivor looking towards the sea, an umbrella on their left and a car on their right. Enter the shelter and the consumables carrier waits on a wooden crate to the right, next to the bed.

These are all the suit upgrade locations in Metro Exodus. For more tips, tricks and guides, drop by our Metro Exodus Guide Wiki. There, you’ll find everything from basics such as how to stealth takedown, to crafting tips like where to find crafting tables and an article explaining all endings, in case you’ve seen Artyom’s adventure to an end and are still haunted by questions.

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