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Far Cry New Dawn: Ending Explained

far cry new dawn, ending

Far Cry New Dawn: Ending Explained

Ending Explained in Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn serves as a standalone to Far Cry 5, and we’ll be diving into the ending sequence today. Here’s your spoiler warning: if you haven’t played the game and want to go in fresh, turn back now. If not, here’s the ending explained in Far Cry New Dawn.

In the second act, Cap receives superpowers by eating the secret forbidden fruit in the north of Hope County, as Joseph believes that they have been chosen by God.

And in the third act, Mickey and Lou decide to investigate New Eden themselves to find out more about this power. As it turns out, Ethan was the one who betrayed the cult, as he wasn’t happy about Joseph coming back to assume leadership. This led to the Highwaymen burning down their campsite, and Cap finally manages to defeat them in battle.

As Mickey and Lou slowly bleed to death, Mickey thinks back to her childhood. In a flashback scene, we saw the twins as kids as they were preparing to leave to go somewhere with their father. Their mother makes Mickey promise to take care of her sister, and they’d never become as violent or destructive as their father. During the flashback scene, Lou also says something along the lines of, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us,” to her mother.

We never really find out much more about the twins’ parents in Far Cry New Dawn, but Mickey wonders if she had let her mother down as she bleeds out.

Later on, Cap goes to find Joseph and Ethan. As it was not part of God’s plan for Ethan to consume the forbidden fruit, Ethan’s soul is completely corrupted when he eats it and he becomes some sort of monster.

Joseph asks Cap to put him down, and they do. After Ethan dies, Joseph begs Cap to kill him as well, as he’s become tired of watching his family die, and being unable to guide them on the right path.

Finally, Cap returns to Prosperity with Carmina where they visit Rush’s grave and have a beer in his memory.

The ending of Far Cry New Dawn is fairly straightforward, as it ties up Joseph’s story and finally gives his character some closure. According to the lore notes we find in the game, we see that Joseph becomes rather mellow after the nuke drops, as if he’s reflecting on his past mistakes after all his siblings are killed.

We also learn from his perspective that the Deputy had been guilt-ridden by the fact that they’d survived while most of their friends were dead. Joseph considered killing them, but ultimately decides to try to ‘forgive’ them and show them God’s plan. Not much else is known about the Deputy’s fate.

And that does it for the ending of Far Cry New Dawn. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our Far Cry New Dawn guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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