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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Clothes and Outfits

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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Clothes and Outfits

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How to Get Clothes and Outfits in Far Cry New Dawn

If you’re like most Far Cry New Dawn players, you’ll probably want to swap out your wardrobe at one point or another during your playthrough. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out how to get clothes and outfits in Far Cry New Dawn.

As players make their way through Far Cry New Dawn, they’ll come across a wide array of different clothing options, either for sale from merchants and vendors or as rewards from NPCs they complete quests for.

These can range from simple color swaps of a hat or hood to rare accessories that’ll help your character stand out in the post-apocalyptic forests and valleys of Hope County.

As such, getting clothes and outfits in Far Cry New Dawn really comes down to playing the game and acquiring resources.

By advancing through the game’s main missions, players will gain access to outfits used in or needed to complete story missions. These will become available after the mission is complete and can be swapped in and out at the player’s discretion.

Likewise, as players complete more of the main story, more side activities and challenges will open up.

Some of these side activities will offer new clothing options as a reward, and as such players need only unlock and complete them to gain a new addition to their wardrobe.

Plus, as they continue to take down enemies and amass resources, players will be able to afford to buy more expensive clothes and outfits offered by vendors and merchants at the game’s outposts and towns.

If clothes and outfits are a top priority, don’t be afraid to grind your way through enemy groups and bases to acquire more resources, and then trade with a shop to get the vestments that have caught your eye.

Of course, they won’t be worth much if you can’t figure out how to change your outfit.

Once you’ve got a new piece of clothing you want to try on, press either the touchpad or View button on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One respectively, and then select the Character tab. From there, you can swap out pieces of your outfit to your heart’s content.

Hopefully, this clears up how to get clothes and outfits in Far Cry New Dawn.

For more on the game, check out our Far Cry New Dawn guide wiki for tips, tricks and secrets you may not have known about.

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