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Division 2: How to Go Rogue

how to go rogue in division 2

Division 2: How to Go Rogue

How to Go Rogue in the Division 2

Ubisoft‘s The Division 2 has arrived, Agents, showcasing plenty of changes the game has implemented from the original. In it, you’ll be able to experience seven story missions, dedicated PvP (Conflict), and PvPvE gameplay in one of the three new Dark Zones. Here is everything you need to know about how to go Rogue in the Division 2.

Just like the previous installment, the Dark Zone will feature Rogue Status, a feature that signals you are a liability to the Division and that you can now be fired upon by other players. There are a couple different ways to go Rogue in Division 2.

Toggle Status

The first way to go Rogue in Division 2 is going to be done of your own accord via the toggle system. Where you’d press the d-pad in the first game, you’ll be able to toggle your player’s status this time around by holding down the Touchpad (PS4), Menu/Back button (Xbox One), or Ctrl+Z (PC).

Toggling is a sneaky way to attack players in the Dark Zone, as you can both be immune to fire one second and able to engage in PvP the next. The toggler’s team has the advantage of knowing exactly when to open fire, as only one of the players needs to do it for the entire team to go Rogue.

Rogue Loop

The other way to go Rogue in Division 2 is by completing multiple Rogue Loops. These mini-missions are located on your map, signified by a skull icon. When you head to them and complete them, your Rogue Status meter will increase ever so slightly.

Opening enough boxes or hacking plenty of terminals will fill the meter to 100 percent, turning you Rogue in the process. You can still continue the loop, but your status will increase with each full completion.

This means that if you do too many in quick succession you could go to Manhunt Status. Manhunt in The Division 2 makes you a top priority, giving your location away to every player in the game, making you a top priority to kill.

Now that you know how to go Rogue, you’ll have a rebelliously good time in The Division 2.

That is everything you need to know about how to go Rogue in the Division 2. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding The Division 2 guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides.

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