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Crackdown 3: Is it Xbox One X Enhanced? Answered

crackdown 3, xbox one x enhanced

Crackdown 3: Is it Xbox One X Enhanced? Answered

Is Crackdown 3 Xbox One X Enhanced?

Xbox One X owners with a 4K TV love getting their hands on anything that will show off the horsepower of their home console. Considering Crackdown 3 is among the biggest Xbox One exclusives coming out this year, naturally many are wondering if Crackdown 3 is Xbox One X enhanced.

We have great news on that front; Crackdown 3 is indeed Xbox One X enhanced. However, there are a few important things you should know.

First are the exact details. Crackdown 3 supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR. You’ll need a TV obviously that can display one or both of those visuals in order to take advantage of them. Having an Xbox One X makes things faster, but you do need the proper display in order to see the improved visuals to that extent.

Second, while Crackdown 3 is Xbox One X enhanced, it’s worth noting that the game’s visuals aren’t necessarily the game to show off your Xbox One X.

We’re not saying it’s ugly or anything, but it has a more cartoonish, colorful style which kind of blends into a scene that looks kind of out a comic book. You need to see it in action to fully understand what we’re talking about, but when you actually play/watch it, you can see what we mean.

Crackdown 3 looks fine, but this is not Forza Horizon 4, or Gears of War. It’s going to take advantage of the system’s increased horsepower, but it’s not a game that we would select if your objective is impress yourself or others with the graphical potential of the Xbox One X.

That’s all we got for is Crackdown 3 Xbox One X enhanced. For FAQs answered on Crackdown 3, be sure to check out our wiki guide. Or if you want our full thoughts on the game, read our full scored review.

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