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Crackdown 3: How to Reload Your Weapon

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Crackdown 3: How to Reload Your Weapon

How to Reload Your Weapon in Crackdown 3

After a long wait filled with plenty of delays, Crackdown 3 has finally, actually released exclusively on Xbox One and PC. The controls are mostly familiar, but there are a few button choices that are a bit different than what you might be used to in other games. Here’s how to reload your weapon in Crackdown 3.

Knowing when and how to reload your weapon in Crackdown 3 is actually crucial. You are CONSTANTLY needing to destroy everything in your path because you are being swarmed pretty much at all times and the only way to reliably restore all of your shields and heal your health is to kill enemies.

To reload your weapon in Crackdown 3, simply tap LB, and your character will begin the animation. Depending on what gun you’re using, it might be very quick, or some larger and more powerful weapons might take longer. Definitely factor that in.

Weapons with larger ammo reserves are arguably the best in the game because reloading can get you killed in the hairiest of situations in Crackdown 3. There are some missions where you’re constantly being pummeled by both air and ground units to the point of being relentless.

Guns like the Pulse Beam and the minigun when you get it later in the game are life savers. You have such a massive pool of ammo that you don’t need to worry about reloading often. Yes, when it comes time to do the deed it takes longer than other weapons, but it’s worth it.

That does it for how to reload your weapon in Crackdown 3. For more tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions answered, be sure to check out our wiki guide for the latest Xbox One/PC exclusive. For our full thoughts on the game, be sure to read our review.

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