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Crackdown 3: How to Change Controller Sensitivity

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Crackdown 3: How to Change Controller Sensitivity

How to Change Controller Sensitivity in Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is here and players are jumping right back into the crazy destructive action the series is best known for. Depending on your preferences though, the default controller sensitivity might be adding to the craziness, or perhaps, not helping enough. Here’s how to change controller sensitivity in Crackdown 3.

If you’re someone that uses the default settings in most action games, you might find the sensitivity in Crackdown 3 to be a bit high. On the flip side, if you’re someone that likes it to be super crazy high, you might want to crank it up even further. It’s a little bit hidden away, but you can change it.

To do this, open up the main menu by pressing the Menu button. From there, go to Options and then Controls. Scroll down until you see Advanced Controls. This is where you can find your controller sensitivity settings.

The default settings are 100%, and you can lower or raise it from there of course. Try cranking it down by 20% in either direction to get a feel for what you like, and then adjust it from there.

We suggest playing a little bit lower than the default controller sensitivity, around 80%, just because there’s a bit of platforming in Crackdown 3, and the last thing you want is to mess up a jump because of a stupid camera angle issue.

Sure it helps to have higher sensitivity during crazy gun fights, but the aim assist is so intense in Crackdown 3, it probably doesn’t really matter that much to have it higher. It’s more frustrating to miss jumps.

That does it for how to change controller sensitivity in Crackdown 3. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered check out our wiki guide. Also read our full review for our thoughts on the latest in the series.

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