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Best Battle Royale Games, All 4 Ranked


Best Battle Royale Games, All 4 Ranked

Best Battle Royale Games, Ranked


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Poor, poor PUBG. The granddaddy of the battle royale genre has taken quite the tumble off its throne since the arrival of competition. That doesn’t make it a bad battle royale game by any means, but the competition certainly offers a more polished and deep experience.

PUBG’s general gunplay has its fans, with it outshining other battle royale titles with in-depth mechanics. There’s an array of weapon attachments to switch up their effectiveness in battle, and the island has its iconic locations you’ll be sure to grow familiar with over time.

It’s also these in-depth mechanics that work to PUBG’s detriment, with other titles, particularly Fortnite offering a more accessible experience to hop into and get acquainted with. It’s possible to learn the ropes of PUBG, it might just take a little longer than you expect, and see you succumb to a number of quick deaths, too.

Sadly, PUBG lacked the polish when it was crucial to really stand strong against the likes of Fortnite and Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. Though it runs well on PC, the console platforms still leave a lot to be desired, especially when Fortnite now runs at an effortless 60 FPS on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

PUBG is by no means a bad battle royale game, but compared to the competition, it hasn’t been able to retain the hype around it. It’s always possible 2019 could lead to a complete turnaround at some point, but we wouldn’t go holding our breaths.

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