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Anthem: All Pilot Level Unlocks

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Anthem: All Pilot Level Unlocks

All Pilot Level Unlocks in Anthem

Anthem lets you pilot around your very own Iron Man-like suit called a Javelin, with four different classes to choose from. There’s a wealth of abilities, weapons, and more than you can equip, but you’ll need to fulfill certain requirements to get most things, like hitting a certain pilot level. Here’s all pilot level unlocks in Anthem.

As you earn experience you’ll gain pilot levels, each of which gives you a new unlock and reward. There are 30 levels in total, so it’s going to take you a while to do everything as you’ll need to get a ton of experience.

Level rewards include things like gaining access to another Javelin type, or the ability to equip multiple weapons. This means that if you want to play as anything besides the starting Javelin, the Ranger, you’re going to need to gain at least one level.

Earning medals on missions, using the alliance system, and completing Agent Missions are all good ways of raising your pilot level fast. Medals, in particular, are a great way to get some bonus experience while you’re just playing Anthem normally.

Each and every mission in the game has its own set of Feats, that require you to complete specific objectives, like killing a certain amount of an enemy type. You can check these objectives in your journal, and we have a full explanation of how to level up fast in our guide.

Now, here are all the unlocks for every pilot level in Anthem.

Level Rewards
2 New Javelin
3 Weapon Slot
4 Component Slot
5 Support Slot
6 Component Slot
8 New Javelin
10 Consumable Slot
12 Component Slot
14 Component Slot
16 New Javelin
18 Component Slot
20 Consumable Slot
23 Component Slot
26 New Javelin
30 Consumable Slot and Grandmaster Difficulties


That covers everything you need to know about all pilot level unlocks in Anthem. For even more tips and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can check out our ever-expanding Anthem wiki.

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