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Anthem: How to Grab Echoes

anthem, how to grab echoes

Anthem: How to Grab Echoes

How to Grab Echoes in Anthem

In Anthem, you are going to get pretty familiar with a rotating set of objectives that like to frequently appear throughout the game. One of these is grabbing echoes. It isn’t well explained at the start of the game. Here’s how to grab echoes in Anthem.

Anytime you’re dealing with them, including the first major mission of the game, you’re going to be asked to grab echoes to bring to this tentacle looking thing in the ground.

You’re not actually doing anything with that tentacle looking thing other than bringing stuff back to it. You need to leave it, and start looking around your surroundings.

If you look around the area that you’re in, you’ll see glowing white balls of light, those are echoes. Fly around and collect them by just going right through them and they will attach to you. You can only have a few attached to at a time, so make some regular trips back to the tentacle thing.

The amount you need will vary and you might have to look pretty hard to find them. They could be underwater, or they might be gated behind a fight with a group of enemies such as the Scar.

During later missions that you need to do this, you might need to travel out pretty far to grab echoes, way outside the original spot. Fortunately, you can use your radar locator on your hud to help pin down their location.

This is the green Wi-Fi looking symbol that appears on your screen when you have an objective to locate. One bar means you’re pretty far away and three means you’re right on top of it. The direction of the bars indicate the direction you need to turn to be facing it.

That’s really all you need to know for how to grab echoes in Anthem for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered, visit our Anthem wiki guide.

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