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Anthem: All Javelin Abilities & Ultimate Abilities

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Anthem: All Javelin Abilities & Ultimate Abilities

All Javelin Abilities & Ultimate Abilities in Anthem

Anthem puts you in the role of a Freelancer, humanity’s best defense against a hostile alien world. You’ll have four different Javelin classes to choose from in Anthem, and each one is incredibly different, with their own unique skills and attacks. Here’s all Javelin abilities and Ultimate Abilities in Anthem.

Below you’ll find a list of every ability for all four Javelins in Anthem. Keep in mind that each one functions differently in combat and fulfills a different role. The Ranger is an all-around attack and defense suit, the Colossus is the tank, Storm is a ranged magic user, and Interceptor is a quick hit and run DPS.

We’ll go through each Javelin in Anthem step-by-step.

Ranger Javelin Abilities in Anthem

Melee (Shock Mace) – Swipes forward with an electrified stick.

Ultimate (Multi-target Missile Batter) – Fires multiple missiles that lock on and track enemies.


  • Frag Grenade – Damages everything in its blast radius
  • Inferno Grenade – Sets enemies on fire and deals immediate and lasting damage
  • Frost Grenade – Freezes enemies in place on explosion
  • Seeker Grenades – Splits into multiple projectiles that track enemies
  • Sticky Grenade – Sticks to one enemy and deals massive damage

Assault Launcher Gear

  • Seeking Missile – Fires a projectile that tracks enemies. Explosion can also damage surrounding enemies.
  • Pulse Blast – Hits a single target with an energy blast
  • Spark Beam – Shoots a beam of energy that continuously damages anything it touches
  • Venom Darts – Shoot darts at an enemy and if hit causes continuous acid damage
  • Blast Missile – Shoot a missile that causes a huge blast radius

Support Gear

  • Bulwark Point – Spawns a point that protects allies with a shield
  • Muster Point – Spawns a spherical shield that increases your team’s weapon damage

Colossus Javelin Abilities in Anthem

Melee (Heavy Smash) – Smashes into the ground dealing damage to an area.

Ultimate (Siege Cannon) – Gives you a cannon with massive firepower and makes you immune to damage for a short period.

Ordnance Launcher

  • High Explosive Mortar – Shoot an explosive projectile that deals heavy damage to a small area.
  • Burst Mortar – Launches a volley of mini mortars
  • Firewall Mortar – Creates a huge wall of damaging flame
  • Lightning Coil – Hit targets all around your immediate area with lightning

Heavy Assault Launcher

  • Siege Artillery – Shoots an unguided rocket
  • Flame Thrower – Shoots out a continuous stream of fire
  • Flak Cannon – Shoots a short-range scattershot blast
  • Railgun – Shoots an extremely powerful projectile at one enemy
  • Venom Spitter – Shoots multiple arcs of acid

Support Gear

  • Battle Cry – Lowers enemy elemental and physical resistance and draws aggro to you
  • Shield Pulse – Gives teammates a damage resistance buff

Storm Javelin Abilities in Anthem

Melee (Fiery Strike) – A fiery blow straight ahead that can blast back an enemy.

Ultimate (Elemental Storm) – Calls down a torrent of energy that decimates a large area.

Blast Seals

  • Lightning Strike – Targets an are and hits it with a lightning strike that damages enemies
  • Ice Storm – Places fields of ice that explode and cause damage as well as freezing enemies
  • Flame Burst – Targets a location and deals quick damage to an area
  • Ice Blast – Hurls huge chunks of ice at close range that freeze enemies and cause damage
  • Living Flame – A burst of energy that tracks enemies and ignites them

Focus Seals

  • Frost Shards – Rapid fire ice shards that slowly freeze an enemy
  • Burning Orb – Can fire small shots of fire quickly or charged up to shoot a huge fireball
  • Shock Burst – Shoots a burst of electric energy that can even bounce off of walls
  • Glacial Spear – Shoots a powerful burst of ice energy in one direction
  • Arc Burst – Shoots a burst of lightning that can leap from enemy to enemy

Support Seals

  • Wind Wall – Creates a wall that can block projectiles
  • Quickening Field – Creates a field that reduces the cooldowns for any ally inside

Interceptor Javelin Abilities in Anthem

Melee (Double-Bladed Daggers) – Strikes straight ahead with two quick dagger strikes, can be continuously chained

Ultimate (Assassin’s Blades) – Supercharges your blades and hits enemies in quick succession

Assault Systems

  • Searching Glaive – Throws a glaive that tracks a target
  • Venom Bomb – Throws a grenade that explodes and hits surrounding enemies with venom
  • Cryo Glaive – Locks on to up to two targets and freezes them
  • Cluster Mine – Throws a group of mines onto a targeted area
  • Spark Dash – Dashes forward and leaves a damaging trail of electricity

Strike Systems

  • Detonating Strike – Melee strike that charges enemy with electricity, if the enemy is killed they’ll explode.
  • Plasma Star – Throws a plasma-charged shuriken at an enemy, has long range
  • Wraith Strike – Creates a projection of yourself that damages enemies
  • Tempest Strike – A strong melee strike that causes high damage
  • Venom Spray – Sprays out corrosive acid that causes damage to all enemies hit

Support Systems

  • Target Beacon – Marks one enemy, increasing all allies’ damage against them
  • Rally Cry – Clears harmful status effects from entire team

That covers all Javelin abilities and Ultimate Abilities in Anthem. If you need any other tips or info make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can take a look at our Anthem wiki.

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