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5 Upcoming Battle Royale Games in 2019 If You’re Tired of Fortnite


5 Upcoming Battle Royale Games in 2019 If You’re Tired of Fortnite

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Upcoming 2019 Battle Royale Games


upcoming battle royale games

While Realm Royale dabbles in fantasy elements, Spellbreak, an upcoming battle royale game from developer Proletariat, is planning on going all-in.

Instead of looking for guns, ammo, and armor, players will be able to search for what they need to craft builds that will support the various spell combinations that will be present in the game.

From what we can gather, it doesn’t appear like the mages in Spellbreak will be the typical frail and cowardly types.

Instead, it seems more like the Lichdom: Battlemage approach where the mages are all badasses, and you’ll be dueling competitors to see who is the superior magic wielder.

Details are pretty scarce and right now as the game is only available to people who opt into the paid pre-Alpha for at least $40 *Correction: anyone can sign up for the pre-alpha for free, but there are paid Founder Pack options available as well. Apologies!* and is under a strict NDA.

Keep an eye on Spellbreak as it develops if it sounds intriguing to you, because as of right now it’s still a mystery to most people.

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