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4 Upcoming MMORPGs That Fans Need to Know About


4 Upcoming MMORPGs That Fans Need to Know About

Upcoming MMORPGs That Fans Need to Know About

Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation, Best Upcoming MMORPGs

Ashes of Creation, ever since its hugely successful Kickstarter back in May of 2017, has been hyped up to levels that might be challenging for its developer, Intrepid Studio, to reach. However, the hype is for good reason, and it’s definitely an upcoming MMORPG that players should at least keep one eye on.

Ashes of Creation aims to be the perfect mix of old-school MMORPG style gameplay, combined with some modern tweaks and ambitious new ideas. For example, the game will feature tab-targeting gameplay and abilities, familiar of course to fans of games like Everquest and Final Fantasy, mixed in with more action-oriented combat that is seen in modern MMORPGs such as TERA.

The Node system though is by far, Ashes of Creation’s most unique, and touted new feature. What is is, and how it works, is that areas of the map are split up into nodes. These areas can be settled on and built up by the players which are themselves split into different factions based on their race. These nodes start from humble beginnings as a small settlement but can be built up into massive metropolises. Likewise, though, nodes can degrade either naturally or through competition with others, and be returned to earlier, smaller states. When these nodes are built up or torn down, new activities, quests, etc. will open and close, leading to a dynamic endgame that will be heavily influenced player actions.

If it works the way that Intrepid Studio is trying to draw it up here, not only will Ashes of Creation have a really neat feature for players to enjoy, it will also solve the problem of endgame content getting stale. Ashes’ endgame will constantly be evolving without the developers needing to update the game, although they will be doing that too on a regular basis as well.

As far as a release date goes, the full version of the game only has an extremely vague “before 2020” window, but Alpha and Beta tests will be rolling out late this year and next year. You’re going to see as you go through this list that there’s a trend with upcoming MMORPGs and playing it coy with their release dates.

We’re hoping this upcoming title is enough of a success to make our list of best MMORPGs to play right now.

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