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Travis Strikes Again: How to Level Up


Travis Strikes Again: How to Level Up

How to Level Up in Travis Strikes Again

Travis Touchdown is making his first appearance on the Switch with Travis Strikes Again. As you play through the games within the game, Travis will improve. Here’s everything you need to know about how to level up in Travis Strikes Again.

Thankfully, levelling up in the game is pretty simple, even though it isn’t entirely automatic. You do so using EXP, just like you do in most games, but you have to head into the menus to finalise any increase.

You get EXP by defeating any of the enemies in the game and, once you’ve got enough, you need to press + to access to pause menu. Here, you need to select the Lv Up & Skills option.

You’ll need a certain amount of EXP for each level you want to increase by, with the first being 500.

To confirm it, you need to select the character you want, then press and hold the A button while on the Lv. Up option. The level bar with fill up as you hold the button and it’ll be complete once it’s completely full.

It’s helpful to note that any EXP you earn with either character is shared, so you can choose between Travis and Bad Man when you go to level them up. You’re not restricted by who you play as.

Leveling up in Travis Strikes Again is more than increasing an arbitrary number, too. Each time you do so, the max health and the attack power of the character you choose will increase.

That’s everything there is to know about how to level up in Travis Strikes Again. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Travis Strikes Again wiki guide.


Question: How do you level up in Travis Strikes Again?

Answer: First off, you level up with EXP that’s gained from defeating enemies. To actually level up, you need to press + to pause the game, select the Lv Up & Skills option, and hold the A button on the Lv. Up option for the character you want to improve. Levelling up increases a character’s max health and attack power.

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