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Resident Evil 2: How to Open Portable Safes

How to open portable safes in resident evil 2

Resident Evil 2: How to Open Portable Safes

How to Open Portable Safes in Resident Evil 2

Portable Safes are one of the many different items you’ll have to try and break into in Resident Evil 2. Rather than having a combination of numbers and letters, these work a little differently. Sadly, there’s no easy combination to remember. Still, we can tell you how they work. Here’s how to open portable safes in Resident Evil 2.

First, you’ll actually need to track down the portable safes in Resident Evil 2. There are two that can be found in the Raccoon City Police Station, both of which contain those locker keypad keys that you’ll need for the Safety Deposit Room lockers.

You can find the portable safes in the locations below:

  • Second floor Shower Room of the West Wing to your right as you walk in. In a 2nd Run playthrough, this can instead be found in the Interrogation Room. You’ll need the Heart Key as Claire or Club Key as Leon to enter.
  • The second portable safe can be found in the Linen Room, but requires you to get the Diamond Key from the Morgue first. Don’t forget to track back to the Linen Room before you advance too far in Resident Evil 2.

When you come across one of these devices, you’ll need to first access your inventory by pressing Triangle or Y. Select the item, and then use the ‘Examine’ option to begin trying to open the contraption.

You’ll now see a ring of lights on the top of the portable safe, and the same number of blank buttons below it. Each button corresponds to one of the lights, and you simply have to illuminate the lights in a circle.

For example, if you start at the very top, you’d then have to illuminate all of the lights in an anti-clockwise direction.

The easiest way to open portable safes in Resident Evil 2 is to simply press each button on the bottom of the device and note down what light it illuminates. Since these appear to be randomized in each of our playthroughs, we can’t just give you a simple combination to use.

Once you’ve noted down which button lights up each LED on the device, simply go ahead and press the buttons in their sequential order. Once all of the LEDs have lit up and completed a full circle, the portable safe will pop open and you’ll nab yourself the spare locker keys to get those extra goodies.

That’s all you need to know to open portable safes in Resident Evil 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to check out our Resident Evil 2 guide wiki.


Question: How do you open portable safes in Resident Evil 2?

Answer: Unfortunately, there isn’t a combination we can give you to open these contraptions, as they’re randomized each time. However, what you must do is press the buttons to illuminate the LEDs at the top. Once you press one, you must then illuminate one of the LEDs next to it, and continue in this direction until all are illuminated. This will then open the contraption so you can get what’s inside.

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