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Resident Evil 2: How to Change Difficulty

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Resident Evil 2: How to Change Difficulty

How to Change Difficulty in Resident Evil 2

The brilliant remake that Capcom has conjured up is finally upon us, as Resident Evil 2 is now out and available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s how to change difficulty levels in Resident Evil 2.

If you started up the game on the Hardcore difficulty mode and realized that these zombies might be a little bit too much for you to handle, then here is how to lower and/or change the difficulty in-game.

Although, if you started the game on Assisted or Standard, with the game being too easy for you, there is no way to bring the difficulty higher unless you were to start the game over.

There’s basically only one way to decrease the difficulty in Resident Evil 2. If you die in the game repeatedly, the game will eventually give you the option to lower the difficulty to Assisted or Standard, depending on which setting you had chosen at the start of the game.

From the death screen, just pick the setting that you want, and you’ll be set. However, be warned that this change cannot be reversed. So if you choose to lower it to Assisted, you won’t be able to bring it back up to Standard.

In order to actually change difficulty from the Death screen in Resident Evil 2, you’ll need to press the Square button on PS4 or X button on Xbox One, and then choose your difficulty from the menu that appears.

That’s all you need to know about changing the difficulty in Resident Evil 2. For more tips and guides on the horror game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide on the game right here. You can also search Twinfinite for other general help as well.

And, like always, don’t be afraid to shoot us a comment down below if you have any questions related to changing the difficulty in Resident Evil 2.


Question: How do you change the difficulty in Resident Evil 2?

Answer: You will be given the option to lower the setting if you die repeatedly in-game.

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