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Kingdom Hearts 3: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

Kingdom Hearts 3, is there new game plus

Kingdom Hearts 3: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

Is There New Game Plus in Kingdom Hearts 3? What You Need to Know

After twelve years, fans can finally get their hands on the third game in the KH series. The main story is packed with all sorts of content, but some might be wondering what happens after you beat the game. Here’s what you need to know about New Game Plus in Kingdom Hearts 3.

New Game Plus has been a pretty common feature for most games nowadays, adding a ton of replayability onto titles and allowing players to essentially replay the game without having to start from scratch in terms of gear. As such, some may be wondering if Sora’s latest adventure implements the feature where you could maybe keep all of your Keyblades.

That said, Kingdom Hearts 3 does not have a New Game Plus mode at the moment. While there isn’t a New Game Plus mode, you can still play the game again by simply selecting the New Game option from the main menu.

There’s always a chance that Square Enix might add this feature in through a future patch. However, for now, this is purely speculation, as Square Enix has yet to confirm this as part of its post-launch plans for the game. We’ll be sure to update this post if they ever come around to releasing an update with the said mode.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about whether or not there is New Game Plus in Kingdom Hearts 3. If you have more questions or need some tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our expansive Kingdom Hearts 3 guide wiki.


Question: Is there New Game Plus in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: We have to be the bearers of bad news this time around, as New Game Plus is not a feature that is included in the game. It’s worth noting, however, that, this could always be added into the game as part of a post-launch patch, but nothing has been confirmed regarding this just yet.

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